I visited BOUCHERON on New Bond Street in Mayfair, London. Since 1858, BOUCHERON jewellery appeal to clients with defined tastes, who are confident and in charge of their own destiny. Each piece is handcrafted in France, draws its inspiration from over 150 years of rich history and symbolizes values of hope and happiness.


I spent a tranquil evening with BOUCHERON team selecting and trying on the unique collection of animals. My favourite collection consists of protective and precious companions.


The only animals that choose to live and travel together for life, the swans of the Cypris, the swan rings represent perfect love. For this jewel, the Maison Boucheron took inspiration from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet in which the swan embodies grace.


Cypris, the swan rings offer the possibility of being worn together and transform themselves into a single, magnificent piece.


Known as “the Divine One”, the Countess of Castiglione was reputed to be the most beautiful woman of the century. A collector of men’s hearts, namely Napoleon III’s, she was showered with jewelry by those who fell madly in love with her. A mysterious beauty lived in the basement apartments of 26 Place Vendôme thus sharing the Hôtel de Nocé townhouse with Frédéric Boucheron. To preserve her beauty from the harsh light of day, she only left her apartments in the evening, adorned in her jewels that sparkled brightly under the lights of the Place Vendôme.


The Grand-Duc Wladimir became entranced by a young woman when he picked up a scarf she had dropped during a ball they were both attending. To pay homage to their first encounter and to mark the extraordinary moment forever, he asked Frédéric Boucheron several years later to create a gold necklace that could mimic the suppleness of the finest scarf, as a symbol of his eternal love for his wife. Since then the Maison works on gold as if it were a fabric, a supple and flowing cloth, transforming it into jewels that seem to be woven from gold threads.


In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron became the first jeweller to move to Place Vendôme. Legend has it that he chose 26 Place Vendôme, where Boucheron remains to this day, because it was the sunniest corner of the square.

BOUCHERONIt 1928 the Maharajah of Patiala arrived at number 26 Place Vendôme in Paris, escorted by servants carrying six boxes full of precious stones, including 7 571 diamonds and 1 432 emeralds. Impressed by Boucheron’s reputation and the special link the BOUCHERON had established with India, he ordered an exceptional set of jewelry to be made up of 149 jewelry pieces with the thousands of diamonds, rubies and emeralds from his treasure.


Delicate and playful, the hedgehog is both rounded and spiky and I loves its playful nature.

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  • I have a Boucheron mens wrist watch with gold strap purchased in Paris Place Vendome December 1964. I would like to sell it as I am 77 years old and have enjoyed it a long time!! Please respond with advice. My nephew lives in London and will be taking it back with him shortly. Many tanks.
    Bruce Myles