Jewellery auctions are something I follow regularly. You can find so many beautiful, rare gems and surprising jewellery bargains, it’s always a pleasure (but watch out for the premium – wink-wink!) The Bonhams Knightsbridge Jewels London Auction, coming up on 18 November 2021, has a lot to offer and just in time for the holiday season! From fancy coloured pink diamonds to signed Cartier pieces that always hold their value, no matter what, it’s an auction not to be missed.

I’ve put together a curation for you of my favourite pieces, including antique jewels, natural pearls, gold collectable brooches and an elegant collection of cufflinks by Chaumet, Van Cleef, Tiffany, Boucheron – the perfect gift for the man in your life! Look out for some stunning turquoise rings – these really caught my attention.

All available for bidding at Bonhams Knightsbridge London Jewels Auction on 18 November 2021. Save the date! Follow my step-by-step guide on how the auction works and to bid. You can preview lots and watch the bidding LIVE! Follow your desired lots and bid online or over the phone. It’s so much fun! Don’t forget to register online prior to bidding.

Jewellery has such a rich social and cultural history, spanning across thousands of years. Even before humans wore clothes, we were dressing up in jewellery. We’re lucky enough these days to be able to draw inspiration from sophisticated online jewellery auctions and spectacular museum jewellery collections. From ancient jewellery to Medieval, Renaissance and contemporary, jewellery auctions are the best place to find your style and build your jewellery collection. So don’t be shy! Let’s go and explore the world of Bonhams Jewels. I can’t wait to show you my curation of favourite jewels and give you a taste of what to expect and how to style these fantastic gems!


What I absolutely love about coloured diamonds is how rare and special they are. For as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming about Argyle Pink Diamonds, especially Fancy Intense Purplish Pink! This pendant takes on the rosey, blushing hue of a delicate flower in full bloom. A very rare find, indeed. More than 90% of the world’s pink and red diamonds come from a remote area in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and the Argyle diamond mine, which closed in November 2020.

Estimate £6,000 – 8,000


Pearls are often considered old-fashioned, but I love them for their pure beauty and natural symmetry and shape. This particular 20th century natural pearl brings with it a touch of nostalgia and magic. It’s a real stunner and a natural wonder. No human hand was involved in creating this beauty, only the magic of nature. Such a jewel is rare to see in a private jewellery collection. It is beautifully set between single-cut diamond shoulders, on a delicate bevelled hoop. Perfection!

Estimate £3,000 – 5,000


Such an unusual and delicate design, this 18th century necklace will surely take your breath away as it did mine. With flourishes and florals, the Art Nouveau style comes alive in this necklace in a cascade of opals and rubies. Perfect for a blushing bride on her wedding day. Opal cabochons, suspending tassels of circular-cut rubies and oval opal cabochons lay in contrast to the beautiful white and black enamel bow. So feminine. A decorative piece accented with pink enamel flowers.

Estimate £2,000 – 3,000


It’s not always the size of the diamond that makes you the belle of the ball. It’s the story behind the jewel. Pieces with provenance are always a better investment. So never underestimate the power of a stunning platinum ruby cocktail ring from the 1930s. Worn with a red evening dress, you’ll be the talk of the party! But don’t overdo it! Keep your look elegant and stick to a maximum of one ring on each hand. With a jewel as delicate as this art deco ring with old brilliant-cut diamonds and rubies, you don’t need anything else. There’s enough sparkle in the two diamonds surrounded by calibré-cut rubies and cushion-cut diamonds to make a statement. Beautifully set between trifucated shoulders and set with rose-cut diamonds.

Estimate £3,000 – 5,000


Even if you wear delicate and subtle jewellery on a daily basis, do give chunkier jewellery a chance, especially if it’s by Cartier! Just one bigger piece can add a layer of playfulness to your jewellery style and give you more flair. This piece by Cartier is known as a Draperie Bracelet that uses rows and rows of beaded chain for a draped effect. The beaded pattern is duplicated in the fasteners to finish the piece off and complete the chain. This is one piece I will definitely be bidding on this lot for my personal collection. Beyond its beauty, this signed bracelet is a good investment thanks to the Cartier legacy.

Estimate £2,000 – 3,000


Three lots to keep an eye on if you’re after wearing brilliant-cut diamonds on your wrists: Lot 21 6.60cts Diamond-Set Bracelet; Lot 264 6.40cts Diamond Line Bracelet; and Lot 261 12.50cts Diamond Bracelet. I just love the curb link of the bracelet in Lot 21, chunky yet elegant and masterfully set with brilliant-cut diamonds throughout and a seamless clasp. Such skill and precision, it’s captivating. I can’t even begin to count how many diamonds are in these beautiful bracelets, but they’re each estimated at only £4,000 – 6,000!


Turquoise has such a fascinating and noble history that you can’t help but love it. Such a gorgeous colour too – the very embodiment of joy and delight! From the ancient tombs of Egyptian kings to the palaces of ancient Persia and the temples of India, turquoise has touched many cultures far and wide. From jewellery to clothing and architecture, turquoise has left a legacy across the globe. And it looks amazing when it’s set with diamonds! So keep an eye on Lot 89, Lot 41 and Lot 44. Each lot is estimated at £800-1200, but Lot 41 (and this is my favourite bit) features two Turquoise And Diamond Rings!


I just love the three-dimensional effect of this 1963 ring by Ben Rosenfeld. It’s like a turquoise and diamond sculpture that looks different from all angles; I could stare at it for hours. The asymmetrical design of the brilliant-cut diamonds and 18ct circular gold pattern give the ring movement and life. The Turquoise cabochons proudly sit in bombé style at the centre, adding another layer of colour and shape. This ring captured my heart.

Estimate £800 – 1,200

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Some say buying pre-worn diamond rings is bad luck, but all crystals can be re-energized and rejuvenated. Many diamonds have enough strength, character and love inside to pass on down through the generations. I chose these rings because I love the style of the old brilliant-cut diamonds. It marks a time in history during the end of the 1800s when diamond cutting was seeing great advances in technology. The rose-cut diamond gave way to the old-cut diamond and it had more sparkle than anyone had ever seen before. With new technology and motorised tools, gem cutters were able to shape diamonds with more precision, adding more facets of different sizes and positions for a strikingly brilliant effect. That’s why I love these diamonds!

LOT 254: 1.05cts DIAMOND DRESS RING, Estimate £3,000 – 5,000

LOT 284: 1.90 and 2.06 caratsDIAMOND TWO-STONE RING, Estimate £5,000 – 7,000

LOT 220: 3.20cts DIAMOND THREE-STONE RING, Estimate £1,500 – 2,000

LOT 160: 1.20cts DIAMOND SINGLE-STONE RING, Estimate £1,800 – 2,500



Cufflinks are such a sophisticated way to style a man’s shirt. A thoughtful and elegant gift for any man, Bonhams Knightsbridge Jewels Auction has a wide selection to choose from. To make it easier for you, I’ve chosen my favourite set:


A beautiful pair of two sets of cufflinks, one from Chaumet, the other from Fred, gives you two distinct styles and looks. One is bombé style with a latticework detail that evokes a feeling of pillowy richness. The other is quite different, sleek and refined with two reeded, gold bars and lapis lazuli cabochon terminals, attached by a fine, cable-link gold chain for a touch of class. Cufflinks didn’t come into fashion until the 17th century when jewellers started designing them from silver and gold. Before that time, shirt sleeves were simply tied together with ribbons or string. French tailors called this new fashion of cufflinks, ‘boutons de manchettes’ and their wealthy clientele loved it. Pretty soon, jewellers were creating more elaborate designs with beautiful gems and jewels and precious metals.

Estimate £ 1,000 – 1,500


Brooch it up! As I mentioned in my jewellery book GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips, the brooch is the most overlooked piece of jewellery. A brooch can add an instant touch of chic to any outfit. Pin a brooch to your favourite blazer for some feminine flair. You can pin a brooch anywhere – in place of the top button of your shirt, on your hat or your skirt. You could combine a few small brooches for a unique and whimsical look – but keep to the same style. For example, these collectable gem-set bird brooches would look great together. Check Lot 178 Gem-Set Owl Brooch; Lot 179 Two Ruby-Set Bird Brooches; and Lot 180 Gem-Set ‘Mother Goose’ Brooch!


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