Trying on a Grima piece is a very personal experience, one that we will never forget! I visited the Grima Mayfair showroom, which was by appointment only, and tried on selected pieces at the Art Antiques London Show in Kensington Gardens. The gorgeous location only added to the jewels, which were showcased in a beautiful bespoke pavilion opposite the Royal Albert Hall and close to the site of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

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Grima is very exclusive in the fine jewellery world, and each jewel is truly a work of art! So exclusive, in fact, that not everyone has heard the name. The ones who have are the select few who are in the know or collect exceptional jewellery.

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These radical Grima jewels have adorned royalty and movie stars for years. In the 60s and 70s, Princess Margaret, Jackie Onassis, Peter Sellers and Estee Lauder, and more recently, fashion designers Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs have all been seen wearing Grima.

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An established brand, Andrew Grima was known as a groundbreaking designer in the 1960s and 70s. He trained as an engineer and only entered the jewellery business after having served five years in Burma.

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In 1946 he joined his future father-in-law’s jewellery business in London. Here he astonished everyone with a first collection made with a suitcase full of rough-cut semi-precious stones brought from a Brazilian dealer.

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I love the Grima signature design. Organic and abstract at it’s core, it instantly marks out the Grima style from the more traditional jewellery available sixty years ago.

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Grima is to date the only jewellery designer that has been awarded the Duke Edinburgh Prize for ‘Elegant Design’. The prize-winning collection included a ruby and diamond brooch given to HM the Queen by the Duke. Her Majesty still wears the brooch in public and recently lent it to the V&A to celebrate 60 years of British design.

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Grima went on to win twelve prestigious De Beers Diamond International Awards, this is more than any other jeweller in history. The Jermyn Street shop was opened in 1966 and received the Queen’s Royal Warrant in the same year. The brand has designed more than 100 pieces for the Royal Family.

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Andrew Grima’s legacy continues through his wife Jojo and daughter Francesca. I adore the bespoke vintage masterpieces, but there’s so much to look forward to! We are exceptionally excited about the signature pixel collection currently being designed by Grima’s daughter Francesca: watch this space!

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