Ever since screen legend Sophia Loren graced the opening of first ever boutique in Geneva, de GRISOGONO has been linked to the glamour of the red carpet, the glitter of celebrity, elegant dinners and once-in-a-lifetime shows. I visited de GRISOGONO boutique in Paris to really feel the buzz for myself!


My instant favourites include the sole earrings in white gold with black nano-ceramic coating and playful pineapple bracelet!


The de GRISOGONO windows on Saint Honore are mesmerising! They are well located just opposite Hotel Costes. An interesting fact is that founder and creator Fawaz Gruosi named his first boutique “de GRISOGONO” after the maiden name of his associate’s mother.


It’s difficult not to fall in love with the gorgeous peridots and emerald earrings from the Melody of Colours jewellery collection. This selection was launched in 2012 and has been a big hit ever since. The vivid green of the peridots makes it a sensational summer gemstone, a must for this season and beyond. Gruosi is known to select each gem for its individual beauty, this includes the colour, light, intensity, regardless of conventional classification. ”I have always disliked the terms ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’”, explains Gruosi. “What fascinates me is the magnificence and magnetism of a stone’s colour.” I strongly agree with this! Besides, peridot is an ancient gemstone that has been used in jewellery dating back to Ancient Egypt!


There are now sixteen de GRISOGONO boutiques internationally, each welcomes it’s guests with an old world charm. The baroque-style interiors are pure luxury and reflect the de GRISOGONO glamour. The chic black façade is almost a tribute to the black diamonds that have shaped de Grisogono’s success.


de GRISOGONO has gained an international reputation for its daring and dynamic design ethos. The signature style blends timeless and modern graphic silhouettes, contemporary materials and colours with a touch of decadence. I found a real Renaissance richness with Baroque beauty in the collection.


Avoiding all clichés, Gruosi plays with conventions, pushes the limits, breaks the rules of traditional jewellery. There is a wit, verve and energy intended to thrill and seduce, not only the wearer but anyone who happens to gaze upon them. de GRISOGONO jewellery naturally knows how to warm every woman’s heart!


Although not a gemologist nor a designer by trade, Gruosi possesses an insatiable curiosity as well as an acute aesthetic sensibility. It’s these rare talents mixed with a true passion for gemstones that go to creating such stunning jewels!


My heart stopped after trying earrings from the Sole collection! These awe inspiring pieces come in white gold with black nano-ceramic coating. I cannot wait to try them on in titanium, Black jewellery is very on trend!


Here I am trying on one of the sensational pieces from the de GRISOGONO Melody of Colors collection. Each of the de GRISOGONO creations are meticulously finished right down to the finest of details.


Today, de GRISOGONO relies on a team of highly-skilled and expert craftsmen. They are specialists in the crafts of sculptural goldsmithing, gem-setting, micro-pave setting, hand-engraving, hand-pierced openworking!


Along with the classical, de GRISOGONO brings very wearable fashion and contemporary design to fine jewellery!


Playful pineapple is one of my favourite designs, one to be worn every day! A chic way to add some fun to a lifestyle of finesse.


Named after the eldest daughter of de GRISOGONO’s founder, The Allegra collection is epitomised by a joyful spiral of soft, rich gold bands. Spontaneous swirls of light and lustre are almost like the leaping flames of a bonfire.


“I started with 16,000 Swiss francs, 20 years ago, and the success of de GRISOGONO is a miracle, in every sense” says Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de GRISOGONO. “I simply saw another way of doing things in the jewellery world. “I was lucky, a little crazy, I worked like a madman and still do.”

“I simply try one hundred per cent to make my jewellery the best it can possibly be.” a motto that GEM-A-PORTER can relate to!

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