Coloured diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world, not to mention the most beautiful. Some of the most magnificent coloured diamonds and precious gemstones have passed through the House of Chatila. Imagine Chatila jewels, caviar, and champagne for Christmas! That was on the menu, or should I say, the invitation that arrived through my door. How could I resist!


To honour this famous jewellery maison, and its connection to the Hope Diamond, I decided to create my usual stir in London town, this time with a traditional Russian headdress, known as a Kokoshnik. So festive and Christmassy! The Kokoshnik made its first appearance in the 1600s, around the same time the Hope Diamond was discovered.


The Hope Diamond, an exquisitely rare blue (45.52 carat) diamond, inspired this beautiful blue sapphire necklace by Chatila.


If you’re wondering if the Hope Diamond sank with the Titanic – it didn’t! It was purchased by Ned and Evalyn Walsh McLean from Pierre Cartier in 1912 for $180,000. Then it fell into the hands of Harry Winston when he purchased the estate jewellery of Evalyn Walsh McLean. Then the famous diamond went on a world tour of the world’s finest museums in Winston’s Court of Jewels exhibit, finally taking up residence at the Smithsonian Institution in 1958.


The House of Chatila has a long history dating back to Beirut, circa 1860. Now in its fourth generation, the famous jewellery house can be found in Geneva’s Rue du Rhône, London’s Old Bond Street, and other cities across the globe like Riyadh and Doha. My first encounter with Chatila fine jewellery was an editorial for a luxury magazine that I art directed called Crushed.


If you have been having fun with the Christmas GEM Crossword I posted last week, then you’ll know that red is the rarest colour for a diamond. Chatila has an incredible history of rare diamonds and gemstones, including: The Flame of Argyle; the 57-carat Rangoon Splendour ruby; the legendary Hapsburg “Archduke Joseph” 76-carat D flawless cushion-shape diamond; and the 45 carat (approx.) Indore Pears.


I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of some of these at the reception, as some of the guests were wearing these natural and rare beauties.


I have always loved how Chatila high jewellery embraces sophistication by mixing traditional with contemporary designs.


You might recognise this signature Chatila design from their advertising campaign. Such a playful design! Impossible to resist!


This piece is such a delight to wear and perfectly designed to fit comfortably on the hand. I love the feel of the chains against my skin when I move my hands. And such exquisite diamonds!


Irresistible! My favourite combo of white gold and blue sapphires.


I am going to enjoy this evening – filled with my favourite colour blue and the sparkle of jewels, Christmas, and my fabulous headdress!


Can you believe the clarity of these sapphires! This piece is so delicate and beautiful. I think I’m in love!


So much thought and creativity have gone into this elegant diamond three-finger ring. I just love how the design of each ring flows from the next in a natural, cohesive pattern. So feminine and beautiful.


What a happy discovery this stunning titanium ring was for me! To understand the incredible craftsmanship that goes into a piece of titanium jewellery like this, you need to appreciate how tough this precious metal can be. Named after the Greek Titans, who were known for their strength and power, this durable and precious metal was made popular in the early 1990s. It is much harder to craft that gold and silver, despite its incredible light weight. A true masterpiece of exceptional quality and beauty!


Thanks for stopping by. Would you love to see the Hope Diamond in real life? Leave me a message in the comments below!

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