Have you ever been touched by a diamond? It sets your soul on fire, kind of like that special first kiss. When it’s a Cartier diamond, the experience is one you don’t want to miss. But when it’s the largest exhibit of Cartier diamonds ever to hit the United Kingdom, you know you’re in for something special. A jewellery blogger’s dream come true! So exciting!


Walking up to the Cartier exhibition on Berkeley Square in the heart of London’s Mayfair, I felt a tingle of excitement. The beautifully lit windows were just the beginning of this brilliant diamant show!


Was it Edward the VII that said Cartier was the “jeweller to the kings, king of jewellers”? Tonight I feel like royalty, stepping into this illuminated world of wonder and discovery.


Le Diamant show (in partnership with Selfridges) promised to be a futuristic show filled with sparkle. So much fun! You could describe it as an “emerging experience” from the King of Jewellers – more than 150 Cartier creations! I need some champagne to steady my nerves!



Cartier’s fresh and innovative approach to jewellery design combined with a regal history and the finest craftsmanship is recognised and admired the world over.


Any woman would adore one of these beautiful engagement rings.


Just like these beautiful flowers, there is a diamond for every occasion.


If a  woman is lucky enough to wear Cartier, she is cast in the starring role of her own dazzle and sparkle!


How iconic and so modern. Cartier for Christmas! It just rolls off the tongue!


It is this same emotion – that moment when you feel the kiss of a diamond against your skin that director Johan Renck has captured in his short film starring Karen Elson as the lead diamant damsel!

It was fun to share this experience with the other guests.


Besides Cartier’s traditional and rare pieces that always seem to be on tour, I was happy to see a selection of High Jewellery creations as well.


This platinum “Oriental” tiara is one of my favourites. It holds an incredible 1218 diamonds, including 278 rose cut, approx. 82.06 carats. It was created in 1911. Notice the zig-zag design, an Art Deco style created by Cartier.


Oriental design began making its mark in the West in the late 19th century. Many of the women invited to the stately balls of Paris during that period wore the most stunning head pieces. Some even went one step further and dressed in Paul Poiret’s oriental silk trousers, the height of fashion at the time.


Looks good on me, don’t you think? The fabulous Pur Absolu Necklace with pearls and a 30.21 carat D IF pear-shaped diamond.


I am using all my telekinetic powers to summon this majestic 25.43 carats D IF emerald-cut diamond. Yum!


You wouldn’t believe the craftsmanship of these magnificent “Ecusson” earrings and clip brooches, unless you were standing as close as I am. Check out the mastery in the centrepiece, the barred open-work bombé “ribcage”– jaw-dropping!


It’s raining diamonds! My favourite part! How many Cartier diamonds can I catch in my hands. If only!

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