I want to start this article with a word of appreciation because I’m so thankful for the chance to travel the world and discover the best American jewellery brands, even if it means crossing the ocean! Couture Las Vegas happens only once a year, but the famous American jewelry designers I have met are still fresh and sparkly in my memory and I can’t resist introducing them to you! I have selected my list of top American jewelry brands from LA on the West coast to NYC on the East coast, each one with a unique, unforgettable aesthetic and contemporary approach to design.


1. Brent Neale Jewelry

High on the list of mind-blowing American female jewelry designers is Brent Neale. Her jewelry-making studio is based in NYC, where she formed and matured as a designer. It’s hard not to love her modern, whimsical gemstone inlays and carvings. These gems steal all the glances in the room!⁠

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2. Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

When American luxury jewelry brands are based in LA, you’ll surely feel the laidback, creative atmosphere of the city imprinted on the jewels made there! Jacquie’s boho jewelry seems to be infused with the sun, and feminine magic shines through the golds and precious stones.

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3. Sorellina Jewelry

One of newly famous American fine jewelry brands, Sorellina was started by two sisters in NYC and means just that: the little sister. You got to love their vintage inspired jewels with a contemporary edge⁠ taking shape in geometric designs.

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4. Retrouvai

Made in LA with a beautiful mission at heart to create the heirlooms of the future encapsulated in gold and gems, Retrouvai is one of most popular American jewelry brands at the For Future Reference showroom. I even featured its founder, Kirsty Stone, in my article about best female jewelry designers!

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5. Suzanne Kalan Jewelry

Suzanne Kalan is based in California and, since setting up the brand in 1988, her signature rows of baguette gemstones have won the admiration of fashionistas around the globe. These gems are quickly becoming known as one of the American jewelry brands popular among the younger stylish crowd.

Shop Suzanne Kalan jewelry online: 

6. Spinelli Kilcollin

Highly coveted on the American jewelry designers list, Spinelli Kilcollin was established in LA in 2010 by Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin. The brand is all about multi wearable linked jewels made from precious metals and diamonds.

Shop Spinelli Kilcollin online: 

7. Jade Trau Jewelry

Manufactured and hand finished all under one roof in NYC, this brand goes off the beaten path. As a 5th generation diamantaire, Jade Trau’s bridal jewels are a contemporary take on the classic design with unconventional settings and of course, rows of sparkly diamonds!

Shop Jade Trau jewelry online: 

8. Anthony Lent Jewelry

Turns out, up to this point my selection was entirely taken over by talented American female jewelry designers, but here is one gentleman I couldn’t leave out! Deeply beloved by my @gemologue gem squad and with almost 50 years of experience in the industry, Anthony Lent’s jewels have become sculptural works of art conceived in silver and gold. Tony Lent is undoubtedly one of the top American fine jewelry designers working side by side with his sons.

GEMOLOGUE loves American made jewelry brands! Tell me which one is your favourite in the comments below!

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