A Modern Take on the Art of Micro Pavé

Let me introduce you to three modern jewellery designers turning heads in the international fashion and jewellery world. An exciting discovery for me and I know you are going to love them too.


You know that feeling you had as a little girl when you first opened your mother’s jewellery drawer and discovered a whole new world that glitters. Well that’s the same feeling I had when I first discovered Italian contemporary jeweller, Staurino Fratelli.

Born out of a Made In Italy tradition, the Staurino Fratelli jewellery house prides itself on its sophisticated yet modern Italian pavé technique and its stunning array of gorgeous gems set in this ever-evolving style.


Pavé comes from the French word meaning to pave and conjures up images of the paved roads of Italy and France. Imagine if all the stones in the cobbled roads of Paris were replaced with diamonds, how stunning it would be. That’s how beautiful the delicate art of micro pavé is, the sparkle it creates, the way it catches the light – fascinating! When you enter the world of Staurino Fratelli, you’re at once swept away by the sparkle and stunning craftsmanship. Diamonds everywhere!

Made for the woman who is loved, for the woman who looks for uniqueness, for the woman who wants the best – Staurino Fratelli

When Natale Staurino first opened his atelier in Valenza, Italy, in 1960, he started a tradition of creative strength and unique jewellery design that he handed down to his family. Four generations later and brothers Davide and Stefano Staurino now manage the jewellery house and continue to evolve, creating works of art and sophisticated combinations of colour and light.


This charming piece was a delight to wear. Notice how the diamonds catch the light and the unique way they accentuate the hand.


Such an elegant way to add style and sparkle! Feels like a butterfly just landed on my finger. How attractive and surprising! Recognized the world over for exquisite handmade jewellery, Staurino Fratelli is innovating the art of micro pavé with a distinct Italian flair.

Visit Staurino Fratelli for more stunning jewellery.


Now let’s move on to the mystical, fairytale world of DIONEA ORCINI, who has her own style of micro pavé.

To wear Dionea Orcini is to unlock its secret and reveal an ancestral message just for the person who wears it.

Inspired by those ancient times and mysterious worlds filled with secrets and charm, Dionea Orcini’s collection of jewellery transports you to a time of sacred, magical ceremonies immersed in the extravagance and opulence of magnificent royal courts, where jewellery was worn as a talisman of good luck.

Dionea is a seer, a dream-catcher, and a cosmopolitan nomad. Inexorably drawn to the unkown, she travels the world from Los Angeles, Italy, Hong Kong, India, and Brazil and infuses the secrets and mysteries of these worlds into her magical creations. She says,

“The gift of jewellery is an act of love. Born in the realm of fantasy, jewellery can inspire passion and mad devotion. Wearing a precious necklace is like slipping into another world where the past is present, where a gem is forever and eternity possible; it offers a chance to become temporary custodians of ancient gems and secrets.”

Forbidden Hand Bracelet by Dionea Orcini in 18k rose gold hand bracelet set with white diamonds. This hand bracelet features 11 secret hinges allowing the wearer complete movement of the hand.


Exquisite. The pavé styling along this ring adds sparkle and charm. It is so light and delicate to wear. All you want to do is move your hand around to catch the light in the beautiful diamonds. Maybe that’s how you unlock the secrets revealed within. How magical!

Lasya Mini Diamond Ring with black diamonds and rubies.


I just loved this thumb ring. So unique! Look how fun it is to wear. It is from the Lasya collection and combines two sacred Buddhist symbols: the lotus flower and the endless knot. If you receive one of these from your BF, honey, well you better watch out because it’s a symbol of eternal love, friendship and compassion. I have to say, I felt some sort of power wearing this piece. The micro pavé is divine.

Visit Dionea Orcini to see the entire mystical collection.


One more jewellery designer I would like to introduce to you is Nikos Koulis, a show-stopping jewellery designer from Greece, and my favourite from the Fine Jewellery Event.


Nikos loves diamonds and pearls. Take a look at this black pearl and diamonds from the Spectrum collection. So theatrical and classic looking. The way Koulis uses micro pavé and his rich use of colour is “addictively elegant!” Gives me chills. So many pieces to choose from in this fascinating collection. You have to check it out, right here.


Thanks for stopping by! Which one of these designers do you like the most? Leave me a message in the comments below and discover more jewellery designers on the blog!

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