I interviewed Sophie Bennani Pendleton, Parisian fine jewellery designer and founder of PERLOTA, and styled our favourite pieces from her collection in my signature street style.


Sophie is the epitome of relaxed elegance and femininity, her jewellery being a perfect reflection of her personal style. Sophie creates collections from themes that are close to her heart, thus sending special wishes of love and encouragement to her devoted wearers. The pieces are handcrafted from 18K gold and various natural precious stones, and each jewel is charged with a meaningful message. You will find her jewellery in Colette in Paris and Luisa Via Roma in Florence, as well as other luxury boutiques across Europe and the Middle East.


IN THE MORNING… the first thing I do is take a deep breath of gratitude for all the blessings I‘ve been granted this far, and I make a wish for peace and healing for our mother earth and all of humanity. Then, I like to start my day early with a powerwalk in a garden or park, which I alternate with yoga or pilates.

BORN, LIVED, BASED… Born in Casablanca, I was raised in Paris studied in NYC and California. Now living between Paris and Singapore.


GRACE KELLY OR GRACE JONES… The gentle soul of Grace Kelly with the firey spirit of Grace Jones…

START DESIGNING JEWELLERY AFTER… Creating the PERLOTA’s children’s line as well as designing a few pieces for myself and gradually having requests of customized pieces from friends.

PERLOTA WAS BORN WHEN… I had my first child- I felt the need to create luxurious holistic hand made accessories, momentos and keepsakes with a special meaning for children and newborns.


FIRST COLLECTION… Oracles in 2007 a series of 12 fortune sticks each engraved with an uplifting wish with the corresponding gemstone… it also included the “Pentacle”, a double gold revolving disk which turns and adjusts according to your desired mood by displaying engravings such as authenticity, freedom spontaneity, courage…


FAVOURITE PIECE FROM THE CURRENT COLLECTION… The triple Daphne laurel ring- I like pieces that move or sway naturally with the body’s movements.

INSPIRATION COMES FROM… my desire to design jewellery initially stems from my mother’s beautiful and unique jewellery collection which both exuded her effortless elegance and strength. I wanted to create pieces which would be uplifting, empowering, and bring happinesss, strength and protection to the wearer through sentimental symbols and messages. Today, I get inspiration from travel, relationships and from life experiences in general.

THE BIGGEST OPPOSING FORCE THAT YOU ENCOUNTERED ON YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY… Some of my ideas and designs can be a real challenge when wanting to materialize them because of necessary complex technical elements. Sometimes I wish I was an engineer!


THE ROLE OF FASHION IN YOUR CREATIVITY… As I prefer for PERLOTA pieces to remain timeless, fashion doensn’t play a major role when designing jewellery but in every collection I like to integrate a couple playful pieces which are in line with “l’air du temps”.


JEWELLERY IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE… firstly by its components and materials Jewellery is precious. Personally, I feel each carefully handcrafted piece of jewellery quickly becomes a sentimental token which represents or expresses feelings and emotions given to or received from a loved one. Charged with meaning it becomes a magical amulet or a talisman to uplift you and protect you.


NECKLACE, BRACELET OR RING…I wear multiples of all three at all times!

A WOMAN THAT WEARS PERLOTA JEWELLERY IS smart, feminine, elegant, sensual, fun-loving, real, kind, curious and generous.


SUCCESS IS… Self acceptance/confidence, gratitude as well generosity of mind and heart.

SINGAPORE… a home away from home where I can easely re-center and rejuvenate myself.



PERFECT CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY IS… to be surrounded by loved ones by the fire in a ski lodge or on an exotic island.

PERFECT CHRISTMAS IS… spent with my boys!


FAVOURITE CLICHÉ… “Life is too short to drink cheap wine!”

GUILTY PLEASURE… Rich dark chocolate



TECH MUST-HAVES… iphone, macbook and ipad


FAVOURITE FASHION DESIGNERS… None in particular but I’ve always admired and still love Azzedine Alaia for his discreet luxury and superb feminine designs as well as the new brand Aquazzura by Edgardo Osorio who’s got real talent at designing shoes which are comfortable and sexy at the same time!


BOOKS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE… The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho, The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby, The Four Agreements: Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz, and I very much enjoy poetry.

THE FUTURE OF JEWELLERY… As we all become more aware of the environment, we want ethically sourced materials, lasting and high quality jewelry with substance and meaning but which remains easy to wear, unique and original.

ONE WAY TICKET TO… Around the world in hot air balloon


FAVOURITE HOTEL IN THE WORLD… the Aman-I-Khas Rajasthan, India

FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS IN… In London La Petite Maison, Berners tavern and Cecconi’s. In Paris Chez Julien, Caviar Kaspia and le Victoria 1836. In Singapore Luke’s, Osso and Tatsuya.

FAVOURITE BOUTIQUES… In London Tom Dixon, Fortnum & Mason and Celestine Eleven. In Paris Le Bon Marché without forgetting its grande épicerie, Maison Ullens, ColetteLibrairie Galignani and Les puces Paul Bert flea market. In Singapore Edit lifestyle by Florence Lim, Pagoda house by Christopher Noto and Asiatiques Collection.

EXCITING PROJECTS COMING UP… Possibly a new European boutique

WILD WISH… I’ve always dreamnt of growing wings so I could fly everywhere!

I would love to hear what you think by leaving me a comment below. Thank you!


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