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Let me introduce you to the world of Carioca, Daniela Chady, a modern and inspirational woman who is committed to her family. Daniela and I share a passion for scents and a belief in the healing properties of gemstones. She is hard-working, well-travelled and has an incredible energy to go after whatever she wishes to achieve. She has done some extraordinary things with Brazilian jewellery design, including reinventing the escapulario with a modern slant (see below). She has a passion for Brazilian gemstones and loves the tactile nature of jewellery. Another thing that we have in common. Meet Daniela Chady!

Name:  Dany Chady
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro

LOCATION AT TIME OF INTERVIEW: At my atelier in Rio. I’m the Girl from Ipanema, because I have always lived by the ocean. I can spend a whole day looking at the sea and I love to watch the sunset from my window. Some of my first pieces were inspired by the ocean. My favourite restaurants in Rio are Gurumê (Japanese food), Braseiro da Gávea, Formidable, Fasano and I really love Momo Gelato´s ice cream. I also love going to the country club. One of my favourite things to do is having lunch there with my family on Sundays. And in the evening, I like to order pizza from Bastarda. They have the best pizza in Rio! The best hotels I like are Janeiro, Fasano and the traditional Copacabana Palace. The best hair salons are Crystal Care and Cristal Hair. I also really like the FIL lounge, which is super modern.

IN THE BEGINNING: When I was a little girl, I used to visit stores like Fiorucci and Company in Ipanema. Even though I was a child, I enjoyed memorizing all the store displays, what had changed since my last visit, what had been kept the same, and so on.  A store that I also keep in my memory is Daslu in São Paulo, where I used to go with my mother and sister. I thought it was great. From those visits, I remember everything from the flowers, the various scents, the music, the coffee, and the cookies. I simply loved the whole atmosphere. When I lived in Boston, I enjoyed looking at the shop displays very much. I have always enjoyed everything related to the fashion world. It’s all very fascinating.

I have always been very detail oriented and I have always liked design and artisanal handicraft. I started to study fashion and interior design, but as I began to work at a very young age, I didn’t complete my degree which is a great frustration. My work is very organic, very intuitive. One of the reasons why I started working with handmade jewellery was the possibility of helping the goldsmith profession to prosper. This is a profession passed down from father to son and is in danger of becoming extinct. I only use Brazilian gems, which is a great asset of our country. I am very proud of this new beginning in my career! I also have an excellent relationship with a Yawanawa tribe, which is in the Amazon. The indigenous tribes inspire me a lot, especially the women and their crafts. My next collection will be inspired by them.

MIXED: I opened my first Mixed store in Ipanema when I was 21. A high-end brand that I built together with my partners from São Paulo. A wonderful partnership! More than 25 years responsible for this beautiful brand that I consider my first child. It was created in Rio de Janeiro and a few years ago I gave it to the world to walk on its own legs. At Mixed, the customer service was very personalized, and the clients always felt at home. Although I am no longer in charge of the brand, I am still a partner at Mixed Rio, but now I only take royalties.

LONDON OR LISBON: Honestly, I left my heart and soul in London. It was love at first sight! I lived  there for six months and adapted to the city in one week. I also loved living in Lisbon, it was a wonderful experience! A solar city! My son was very well received at St. Julian´s School. I made a lot of friends! I felt at home. After all, our origins are Portuguese. Portugal is like the European California.

FAMILY: My family is my life! I have been married for 26 years and have three children: Maria Antonia, 24 years old, a wonderful daughter who is pure light. She owns a sleep & loungewear brand called A beautiful, strong, courageous, brave woman, a distinct human being that I love more than life; Eduardo Emanuel, 22 years old, a handsome man, brave, full of personality, sensitive and sharp-eyed. He attends a film school in LA and is investing in a singing career; then comes the joy of the family, Joaquim Francisco, 12 years old, a smart, clever, strong, loving, and sweet boy! Here we live for each other! We are one for all and all for one, literally! We love each other deeply and live close to each other. We do not lack love nor affection around here.

POWER COMES FROM:Power definitely comes from within ourselves from our light, our happiness and peace of mind, and from self-love. And in my case, certainly from my family, which is what keeps me going

SCENT: Perfumes and essential oils  are a huge part of my life. About 20 years ago I owned a wellbeing store called ORIGINALIS. ORIGINALIS offered several well-being products and services, many of them related to scents. There were handmade essential oil soaps, candles of all types, essential oils, home sprays, therapeutic massages and aromatherapy, among many other items related to well-being and a holistic way of living life. I have so many good memories from that time. I remember preparing my children’s baths with essential oils and how it made me feel good. ORIGINALIS not only brought me experience in business, but also taught me a better way to live life. I have many rituals from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. My recent experience with Daniel Pescio in Paris was wonderful, because I discovered a calling for my golden years: scents! My passion! Two of the most seductive perfumes for me are Magnolia from Clive Christian and Carnal Flower from Frederic Malle.

ESCAPULARIO: Scapular means “armour” or “protection”! My intention is for the person wearing the scapular to make it her own amulet. I usually say that the stone chooses us and not the other way around, as most people would think! It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, as the stones also have healing properties. They show us what we are in need of at the moment. It’s amazing how choosing a simple scapular can say so much and mean so much, regardless of beliefs or religions.

DANY CHADYIt all started in the Maldives when my daughter and I were collecting seashells (which for us is like a meditation ritual). That day, I kept some mini corals and told her I would make her a jewel to remember that beautiful and unforgettable pink sunset. Then I made her a piece with sapphires and emeralds to always remember that moment and that’s how it all started. Of course, jewellery has always been a great passion of mine.

FASHION: My favourite Brazilian fashion brand is Mixed, no doubt! My latest wardrobe addition was a chocolate brown leather shirt from Mixed.

GEM STYLE: My jewellery style can be described as a modern classic. For me jewellery is a love story, a moment of joy, a state of mind with deep meanings that you carry with you. My dream jewel, I think, is a very special diamond solitaire ring that I have had in my mind for years.

FIRST JEWELLERY:My first jewel was a pendant with a diamond “D”. It was an engraved jewel that said “love from your parents”.

GEMSTONES: I often say that it is the stone that chooses the person. This is profound and therapeutic, as each stone has its own healing properties

PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING: I got a beautiful navette diamond ring! But my dream is a solitaire ring.

ROLEX OR CARTIER: For me a watch is a time machine but also an accessory and a fashion statement. I love both Rolex and Cartier watches. I have a Vintage Rolex collection that I adore! I remember my mother wearing a gold Rolex Presidential watch at Ipanema beach. In my memory,  she is very tanned and diving into the ocean with that wonderful shining piece. The whole scene was just so lovely and beautiful! She still wears that same watch today. I definitely have fond memories of Rolex, because it reminds me a lot of my mother.

MEN JEWELLERY: Nowadays everything is allowed, as long as it is used consciously and the person is happy. Men can use everything, why not?

JEWELLERY AS AN INVESTMENT: I prefer to buy pieces of jewelry because they move me. I think of them as an emotional investment, not a financial one. I really want to leave my jewelry for my children and grandchildren.

VINTAGE JEWELLERY: I simply love it. My love for meaningful jewelry was awakened when I lived in London. I bought one lucky charm representing each week I spent there. Some of them were Victorian jewelry and I only started using them the day I left London. It represented the best 6 months of my life!

WILD WISH: I would like to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

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