Hot on the heels of Paris Haute Couture and four days of fashion shows comes the latest collections of high jewellery from many of the world’s top jewellery brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, Dior, Chanel, De Beers, Piaget, Chaumet, Messika, Louis Vuitton, Suzanne Syz, David Morris and more. It’s an exclusive event open only to clients and journalists and a great honour to attend. I hope you enjoy my curation of new jewellery discoveries from Paris Haute Couture.

Last year, I fell in love with De Beers Diamond Legends High Jewellery collection at Paris Couture Week 2018. This year, I was thrilled to discover the largest high jewellery collection from De Beers to date: Portraits of Nature.

De Beers is famous for celebrating nature’s most coveted gems in spectacular diamond designs. It took seven years to collect natural pink, bluish green, yellow and brown fancy coloured diamonds for the Portraits of Nature collection! With only 1 in 10,000 diamonds selected as a fancy coloured diamond, every single one is a divine treasure! Learn the difference between natural and man-made diamonds in my article.

Over a year in the making, De Beers extensive Portraits of Nature 2019 high jewellery collection sparkles in five chapters, each paying tribute to the chromatic effects of one magnificent creature: the flamingo’s feathers, the butterfly’s wings, the zebra’s stripes, the fish’s iridescent scales, and the colourful chameleon’s body. De Beers mimics the kaleidoscope of colour and light in rough and polished diamonds. I just couldn’t wait to try on some of these spectacular jewels. My heart skipped a beat or two at the thought!

The Greater Flamingo chapter is dedicated to the extravagant coral-coloured feathers of the flamingo. I love how De Beers embodies fun and finesse, symbolising confidence in equally gorgeous fancy coloured pink, brownish and orangey pink diamonds.

GREATER FLAMINGO RING. Marquise-shaped, round brilliant and baguette colourless diamonds surrounding a fancy brown orange horizontally positioned pear-shaped 1.5 carat diamond.

GREATER FLAMINGO COCKTAIL RING. A 1 carat oval-shaped fancy deep brown orange diamond in a twirl of coloured marquise diamonds and colourless round brilliant diamonds.

Just look how the blush tones of De Beers flamingo necklace play with my skin, making my neckline glow with marquise cut diamond feathers! A centrepiece of the chapter, it bursts with round brilliant and baguette colourless diamonds, elegantly twisted around a spectacular 3-ct pear-shaped diamond centre.

Once I tore myself away from the fancy pink diamonds, I was ready to try on the De Beers Monarch Butterfly jewellery. Inspired by the magical iridescence of butterfly wings playing in the light, this chapter of the Portraits of Nature collection boasts striking yellow, vivid orange and fancy pink and green diamonds!

Getting butterflies in my stomach from these rare coloured diamonds adorning the delicate silhouettes of this trio of open rings! The one that strikes me the most is the one with rough green diamonds sitting between equally gorgeous fancy pink and pinkish purple pear shaped diamonds.

De Beers high jewellery collections are famous for their medallions, gorgeous diamond pendant necklaces embodying the spirit of each collection. This gorgeous medallion depicts the final stage of the butterfly metamorphosis as it unfurls its colourful wings, sparkling with a 4-carat brown yellow cushion-cut diamond centre.

True to its signature style, De Beers paints its gorgeous jewels with a myriad of fancy coloured rare bluish green and light pink rough diamonds to highlight the textural duality of the chameleon’s scales, a creature, which inspired the 3rd Knysna Chameleon chapter of De Beers Portraits of Nature collection.

I even got to try on a rough diamond ring with some of the rarest fancy coloured diamond hues… simply breathtaking!

KNYSNA CHAMELEON RING. Three-line ring with 2 rough fancy coloured diamond bands and 4 carat fancy dark grey yellow emerald cut diamond solitaire.

Just like a chameleon itself, this necklace changes its appearance for different occasions: three distinctive elements detach, allowing for multiple ways to style it! A sleek row of recut baguette diamonds can be worn on its own or with a spectacular detachable 5-ct diamond drop, accompanied by a fancy brownish yellow pear-shape and fancy pink brown radiant-cut diamond! One of the most beautiful fancy diamond necklace designs I have ever seen!

I couldn’t pull myself away from the captivating energy of fancy coloured rough diamonds! Watch my IGTV to see them firsthand!

Thanks for stopping by! What is your favourite jewel from De Beers Portraits of Nature 2019 high jewellery collection? Share with me in comments below and discover more high jewellery collections of 2019 in my Paris Couture Week Tour!

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