Hot on the heels of Paris Haute Couture and four days of fashion shows comes the latest collections of high jewellery from many of the world’s top jewellery brands like Buccellati, Dior, Chanel, De Beers, Piaget, Chaumet, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, David Yurman, Ana Khouri, Lydia Courteille and more. To fully embrace this event and give you a real sense of the jewellery I tried on, I put together some video highlights for GEMOLOGUE IGTV. It’s an exclusive event open only to clients and journalists and a great honour to attend. I hope you enjoy my curation of new jewellery discoveries from Paris Haute Couture.

As soon as I stepped into the Grand Palais to see the new CHANEL high jewellery exhibition 2018, my heart skipped a beat. I haven’t been this excited since my CHANEL jewelry editorial. I can see why this is a favourite venue for Karl Lagerfeld’s haute couture shows; it’s simply breathtaking. From the palatial staircase entranceway to an immersive light installation, the jewels weren’t the only thing sparkling in the dark! Experience it for yourself and watch my video on GEMOLOGUE IGTV.

The new CHANEL high jewellery collection called Coromandel was inspired by Coco’s favourite item of decor – her beloved ornate lacquered screens that she collected whilst travelling with her true love, Boy Capel.

“The first time i saw a coromandel screen, I cried out: it’s so beautiful! I had never said that about any other object.” Gabrielle Chanel

She found their dreamy landscapes utterly charming, with sailing ships, palaces, gardens full of flowers and birds in mother-of-pearl, deep reds and golds against the dark night of the Chinese lacquer screen. Gabrielle Chanel owned more than 30 screens and carried them everywhere she travelled so she always felt at home.

“I’m like a snail,” she confided to Claude Delay. “I carry my house with me… Two Chinese screens, books everywhere. I’ve never been able to live in an open house. The first thing I look for is screens.”

For the first time in CHANEL jewellery history, Gabrielle’s Coromandel screens are the motif for this new fine jewellery collection. Featuring 59 pieces (24 entirely unique), the COROMANDEL collection draws upon the design elements of the screens, such as the folding panels in the reversible cuff below. Each screen holds beautiful scenic depictions of life in lands far away, mythical China, Imperial Cathay, and the Coromandel Coast of East India. These elements are picked up in the design with the coromandel making an appearance alongside mother-of-pearl clouds and diamond camellia flowers.

I remember from my Chanel Apartment Tour at 31 Rue Cambone, how much it was like stepping into a mirage with 17th and 18th century Coromandel screens reflected back in the mirrors, creating a world stretching across the oceans and centuries.

The CHANEL Coromandel high jewellery collection is a magical journey into the precious universe of Gabrielle Chanel. It shows an incredibly sensitive and imaginative reworking of the CHANEL high jewellery collection. From the CHANEL high jewelry Cafe Society collection to the CHANEL Camellia Jewelry collection, the tireless ingenuity of CHANEL Fine Jewelry workshop is exciting and the COROMANDEL haute jewellery collection is awe-inspiring.

CHANEL Évocation Florale necklace in white gold and diamonds

The floral theme inspires a cuff that is entirely reversible, and reworks the geometric structure of the screens. The cuff includes a yellow diamond that pivots, so as to remain always visible on the wrist.

CHANEL Recto / Verso bracelet sapphires and onyx

The mineral theme is inscribed in the “Horizon Lointain” plastron necklace in yellow gold, dotted with clouds of mother-of-pearl and diamond (including one central six-carat diamond) that evoke a Coromandel landscape.

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