Last time I met with Ming Lampson at her boutique in London’s Notting Hill Gate, we talked about her 20-year-long career and how a bag of gemstones gifted to her at the age of 17 inspired her to learn everything she could about gemology, goldsmithing, diamond appraising and jewellery design. With so many beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations to try on, I was excited to preview the new Ming jewellery collection called Reverence For Nature.

To get a real sense of the Reverence For Nature jewellery collection, watch my visit to Ming on GEMOLOGUE IGTV video.

Nature has always been a source of great inspiration for Ming. Her new collection pushes the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship while paying homage to the changing seasons and the wonderful colours of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I was blown away by the beauty of the gems in this new collection, especially the watermelon tourmaline bracelet. A perfectly symmetrical stone like that I’ve never seen. I was intrigued by the level of thought and mastery in the design. So many creative ideas and concepts I have never come across in one collection before. Ming’s passion for her art is palpable and it was such an honour to talk to her about it over a nice cup of tea.

Now I know it may look like I chose my outfit by Ekaterina Kukhareva to match the Ming jewellery and beautiful flowers adorning the Art Deco boutique, it was pure serendipity! I was ready to shine and try on some unique, one-of-a-kind fine jewellery.

I love this 7.54 carat natural spinel ring how close the setting is and the vintage, antique feeling. Ming told me she chose the setting to mimic a rose bud just before it opens, “when you get a hint of the colour and you just know there’s secrets within. I wanted no edge to the setting so all the stones float in the middle.”

There are 16 incredible pieces in the new Reverence For Nature collection by Ming.

Ming told me the idea for these earrings came from the Japanese ritual of the Shide, a folded piece of paper that’s placed on a shrine as a devotion to the spirits. In this case, the earrings “worship the essence of nature and the essence of the rocks and minerals.” Each stone is linked from behind so when you wear them, you get this wonderful feeling of movement.

I absolutely adore these earrings and just wait until you hear how much work and thought went into them. Ming said she had such a challenge to keep the weight down because of so many diamonds. So she made three models and with a little help, worked out how many holes and how deep the holes needed to be (all from mathematics) to bring the weight down – an extremely important element in earrings if you want to wear them all night long!

A ring that captures the grace of swallows in flight.

Earrings with a clip and stones that appear to be falling out of the setting are all concepts that will inspire further works of art.

The Bee Ring is a delightful and dynamic piece that is always moving like buzzing bees around a cluster of flowers.

This centre jewel, a tricoloured watermelon tourmaline from Brazil, is out of this world! It literally took my breath away.

Ming explains how the three different colours in this one stone means there were two geological events that created this effect.

Matching the colours of the centre stone, Ming painstakingly chose to continue the colours all the way around from front to back. So there’s peachy on top, and electric pink on the bottom, with green in the centre.

I couldn’t resist these extraordinary pearl earrings. You know how much I love pearls! Surprise! These large, freshwater cultured pearls are from China and the lavender colour is very rare . Topped with “spinels and natural sapphires from a Madagascar mine,” Ming explains, “no heat was used on any of the stones”.

This is such a big collection that it seems to me each one could inspire another collection all of its own. Ming told me, “Because these pieces are one of a kind, they will inspire “offspring” from each piece. They are all incredibly different but they have concepts behind them that I will further explore. So the concept of the chain on the earring running through the lilac pearls, or the concept of the clip on top of the ear, how it feeds on and swings round, or how to set stones like they feel like they’re falling out,” will continue to evolve and emerge into new pieces.

With so many beautiful jewels to choose from, there’s something in this collection to please everybody’s taste.

All Ming jewellery is handcrafted in her own workshop in Notting Hill. To see these masterpieces in person, you’ll have to book in advance for a private appointment.

Don’t forget to watch my visit to Ming on GEMOLOGUE IGTV video  to get a real sense of the Reverence For Nature jewellery collection.


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