I attended BASELWORLD, The Watch and Jewellery Show. With more than 1500 brands, Baselworld is the most well known and exclusive events on the jewellery calendar. Filled with brilliance, sparkle and shine, our visit to Baselworld 2014 was one to remember!


Liza, GEMOLOGUE’s founder, together with Katerina Nikitina, a professional photographer and Fotourism co-founder, spent an unforgettable day at Baselworld.


Our 8am morning flight from London was delayed but it did not spoil the excitement! Once we had arrived, the morning jewellery hunt began with the most exciting diamond dealers and jewellery brands in the world.


The third pavilion at Baselworld was full of the biggest diamonds I had ever encountered since my days at GIA. Filled with the most stunning of pink, blue, yellow and type IIa diamonds that make up less than 1% of all diamonds mined. Type IIa diamonds often appear whiter, brighter, and more crystalline than a D grade and are referred to as Golconda-like or Super D.


My companion Katerina once had a moment of visible weakness over the sheer brilliance at The Kremlin’s State Diamond Fund in Moscow! There was almost too much sparkle for the both of us to take in!



We were delighter to discover Giovanni Ferraris. The Giovanni Ferraris luxury is expressed by complex setting and sophisticated colours and realised with different shades of diamonds, sapphires and gold.


1. Giovanni Ferraris Titanium Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

I selected the Giovanni Ferraris sapphire earrings form the unique Titanium collection. Statement earrings are like high heels. High heels empower women in a way. Giovanni Ferraris statement earrings is made of titanium and super light hence easy to wear all day long. 

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. – Marilyn Monroe



2. Giovanni Ferraris Titanium Calla Lily Ring

The design is reflection of the latest trends. This calla lily ring is a lot more comfortable to wear than many other long rings. A single calla lily is a classic statement of elegance and beauty.


Palmiero‘s jewellery underline a huge freedom in creativity. In the laboratory-atelier of Valenza in Italy, Carlo Palmiero creates his sensational collections branded Palmiero Jewellery Design, which nowadays represents one of the most sought-after and exclusive firms on the international jewellery scene.


3. Palmiero Sapphire and Tanzanite Ring

Carlo Palmiero’s creations are an alchemy of thoughts, suggestions, reflections and memories. The magic of nature, feelings, art, cultures, places and people are the endless means of inspiration for his imagination. Gold and precious stones become canvas and colours he uses to create his own works of art.


For over a quarter of a century, Jacob & Co. creations have always been revolutions in style that create a fresh vision of timepiece and jewelry design. With timepieces and jewelry that are respected worldwide for their innovative design and lasting appeal.


4. Jacob&Co. Diamond Mesh Glove

Rare Collection Diamond Mesh Glove with 17.88cts Round Cut Diamonds (389 Stones), Mounted in 18K White Gold


Valérie Messika was predestined to work with diamonds. From her earliest childhood, she listened to the fascinating stories told by her father, André. Early on, this key player in the French diamond trade took her along with him on his travels, seeking out exceptional gems. In 2005, Valérie Messika created her eponymous brand with a close-knit guard, transforming diamonds into jewelry that has the knack of making your heart stop and your eyes sparkle.

5. Messika Skinny Diamond Bracelet

Extremely flexible, Messika Skinny Diamond Bracelet twists without ever breaking, thanks to an arrangement of nano springs.


6. Messika Diamond Necklace



Meira T is a celebrated American designer. Her collection is known for its off-centered charms, nature inspired designs, and unique yellow gold color. Meira T jewelry can be seen on many famous TV shows, movies and magazines as well as on many A-list celebrities and models (Read GEMOLOGUE interview with Meira).

7. Meira T Sapphire Slice



Life becomes so much more fulfilling when we surround ourselves with what is precious. And it is the Philosophy of Jewellery Theatre to combine Beauty with Art to take you into a world within a world; a world of wonder on a higher plane than the everyday world around you.

8. Jewellery Theatre Sapphire and Tanzanite Necklace, Flowers collection

Every piece of jewellery in the ‘Flowers’ collection is a miniature masterpiece. The work is so delicate and profound, that the flowers seem to come alive, full of warmth and freshness.



MEISSEN Joaillerie

MEISSEN created a range of jewellery inspired by shapes and patterns produced over the past three centuries and, like all Manufactory creations, is the absolute embodiment of style, elegance and individuality.

9. MEISSEN Haute Couture Earrings

This earrings with diamonds and sapphires in various shades, including light pink, yellow, orange and sky blue, is particularly spectacular. The idea of using different cuts, drop and oval, creates the sensation of a freshly-picked bouquet.



The abundance of nature in Brazil coupled with the stunning modern architectural work of Oscar Niemeyer are brought together in Carla Amorim‘s jewelry creations. These contemporary, fresh and feminine designs make exquisite use of the remarkable variety of precious Brazilian stones, gold and diamonds.

10. Carla Amorim  Statement Earrings


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