Cannot express how excited I get every summer knowing I’m about to share with you some of the finest one-of-a-kind high jewellery collections from Paris Couture Week, as well as the trendiest, sparkliest jewels from the Couture Las Vegas jewellery show! 

This year was truly special for me, as I was attending Couture Las Vegas as a judge of the prestigious Couture Design Awards for the first time! Jewellery designers were invited to enter their creations into one of 13 categories, each judged according to the quality of craftsmanship and materials, originality of design, and creativity through anonymous voting by five distinguished judges. 

I am proud to present to you my absolute favourite winning jewel the of Haute Couture category, designed by Mike Saatji of Mike Joseph Jewellery. After becoming the winner of the category, Best in Diamonds Above $20,000 last year, this Armenian jeweller continues to surprise us by pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery design.

“Observing fashion and all the colourful accessories women purchase to bring extra fun into their lives, I noticed that high jewellery is always very conservative and hesitant to take a bold step. So I wanted to give women an option to be fashionable, even when it comes to diamonds and gold. Life is more fun when we live outside the box!” – Mike Saatji

This exquisite feathered Flamingo choker necklace features 25 carats of diamonds, 62 freshwater pearls and 4000 stone settings, and yet it’s incredibly light with just 324 grams of gold! What is the secret? It is constructed from 2500 separate parts, including miniature diamond-paved gold springs, mimicking the curves of feathers. Can you imagine the level of meticulous craftsmanship that went into this creation? It took 10 talented artisans more than 6 months to assemble such an intricate, sparkling puzzle! It was the only project they were focused on.

It all started with a feather and the idea of bringing femininity and softness (literally!) into haute joaillerie design. In the pursuit of ergonomically incorporating feathers, a relatively inexpensive material, into high jewellery, Mike Joseph Jewellery sourced the finest real feathers from Europe (where he travelled three times to find the best). What I love about this stunning choker is its endless versatility! The feather part can be easily removed or customised with different coloured feathers. And just like that, the wearer gets both fashion and heirloom quality. You don’t have to choose; you can have both! 

Discover more from the new fine feather jewellery collection by Mike Joseph Jewellery on GEMOLOGUE Get The Look! 

True jewellery innovation happens when a visionary designer, bold ideas and exceptional craftsmanship come together! My congratulations to the Mike Joseph Jewellery team on winning COUTURE Design Awards!

Thanks for stopping by! Share with me in comments what appeals to you the most in this haute couture necklace design?

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