It is time for a Birthday GEMOLOGUE GIVEAWAY! I am so happy to be born at the beginning of May – the trees and flowers are in full bloom, the weather is great, and it is the month of the emerald birthstone! Being 20 times rarer than diamond, emerald symbolises new beginnings, loyalty, hope, peace and security. The perfect gemstone to accent my individuality and balance the vibrant and energetic personality of mine!

There’s a special place for emeralds in my heart and I have even created an emerald shopping guide to help all of my followers choose their perfect emerald jewel! I was so happy to attend the exclusive GEMFIELDS masterclass about emeralds! As a gemologist I am interested to know more about geology, geographic origin, history and responsible sourcing of emeralds.

Today, on my birthday, I would like to share my love for emeralds with you! Participate in my Instagram GIVEAWAY and win a lavishly illustrated and exquisitely designed book “Emerald: Twenty-one Centuries of Jewelled Opulence and Power”! lovingly signed by the author, Joanna Hardy, who has also written the famous “Ruby: King of Gems” book. It is a one of a kind copy to brighten your bookshelf!

Ready to win it? Enter on Gemologue Instagram  under one of my photos with the Emerald Book. The rules are simple:

  1. Follow GEMOLOGUE on Instagram
  2. Like 5 latest posts on GEMOLOGUE Instagram
  3. Wish me happy birthday in comments and tag a friend, who loves emeralds!*

*You can tag more friends in separate comments on GEMOLOGUE Instagram! It will count as another entry and you’ll increase your chances of winning!

I will randomly choose the lucky winner of this Instagram book giveaway on the 11th of May and publish the process in Stories!


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??? Just a handful of rough emeralds! ? Have you ever seen a #roughgemstone? I’m amazed by the miracle of transformation – how different it looks after it’s cut and polished! ⁣ ⁣ Delighted to have been a part of @gemfields masterclass, knowing that all the beauties I’m holding are responsibly sourced. Just a couple of interesting facts about buying #emeralds:⁣ ⁣ – Emerald is an investment! Next to a #diamond, one-carat emerald will look larger than one-carat diamond because it weighs quite a bit less. But if you want the true beauty of emerald to shine, then you’re going to have to invest in at least 5 carats. Before you decide to buy, find out where the emerald was sourced and obtain the certificate #emeraldring ⁣ – Remember: emerald is fragile! #Emeralds are relatively hard stones, but they are brittle and if mistreated can chip, scratch and even break. When choosing setting for your emerald, you will need something like a bezel setting that offers utmost protection and supports the stone completely #emeraldjewelry #mayfairlondon ⁣ Head to the link in my profile to continue reading a comprehensive guide to buying an emerald!? @LizaUrla #jewelleryface #gemologue #gemfields #gemfieldslovescolour⁣ #emeraldrough ? @maxcisottiphotographer

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*Photographed by Max Cisotti at GEMFIELDS Emerald masterclassStyling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE. Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

Jewellery Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

1. Key Dates. Start Date and time: 01/05/2019 12:00, End Date and time: 10/05/2019 12:00. Any entries received before / after these dates won’t be counted.
2. Restrictions. Only open to people who are 18 years or over at the date of their entry.
3. One winner will be selected by electronic random draw on 10/05/2019. They will be contacted personally (as soon as possible and must provide us with their address within 7 days or another winner will be chosen).
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