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A woman of profound depth, innate glamour and enigmatic smile, Eva Lanska has a fascinating cultural mix having lived in Moscow, Paris and now London. Well-red and well-educated she can be your perfect conversation companion for hours.

Eva is the author of four successful novels in Russia with a fifth book is currently in the pipeline. She spent her young adult years in Paris, writing love novels and and songs, as well as fronting a band. Afterwards, she relocated to London.

Here we get an exclusive access to this mysterious woman.

Name: Eva Lanska

Alma Mater: Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Occupation: Writer

Hometown: Moscow / Paris / London

LOCATION AT TIME OF INTERVIEW: The interview took place in a private residence. My favourite gallery in London is Opera Gallery. The Royal Academy of Arts mesmerises me with its architecture. Pace Gallery – creative collection of modern art. And certainly, a unique Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. It’s impossible, and I personally think no need for trying to compare anything as stylish and size impressive as Tate Modern.

Eva Lanska

IN THE BEGINNING: I was born and studied in Moscow, then followed the call of my heart and moved to Paris at the age of 19. In Paris I started writing love novels. I also recorded a music album of lyrical love songs in French. I wrote the songs myself. Part of my heart will always belong to Paris no matter where I am.

PARIS DEBUT: I created my first video performance  in France. Paris inspires your creativity: its aromas, the melody of the French language, even its distinctive sunlight. I guess the choice for the city was not as random as it might seem. My favourite film is “Last tango in Paris” with Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider – my memory captured not only beautiful bridges across the Seine and deep passion, but also the image of a young brunette wearing a stylish wide hollow hat. That was the time when the image of a real Parisian was formed in my imagination: a girl who looks like the character played by Schneider and a little bit like Coco Chanel in her unforgettable hats…

Eva Lanska

PARIS OR LONDON: After moving from Paris to London, it took me some time before I could feel the city. And it took me several years before I started to feel at home. These two cities are located close to each other, but energetically they are different planets.

Eva Lanska

32 FOUETTE: While living in Paris I started collecting antique photos and hats. When I moved to London, this passion moved with me to London.  My English friends were keen on polo and one of them after visiting my house and seeing my hat collection suggested that my collection could be something more than a hobby. So I made a decision to fulfil my old wish to try myself as a designer.

I wanted to create something that united an important Russian symbol and something quintessentially English like Ascot.  By this means, I wanted to express my gratitude to England for the opportunity to study and work in this wonderful country and at the same time remember the motherland that gave us so much. Russian Ballet and the Bolshoi Theatre for me are certainly two of the most significant Russian contributions to the world’s culture. Therefore I convinced 10 of the best English milliners to make it the main theme for the collection.

The couture Diaghilev Ballet-inspired collection “32 Fouette” is launched  for the sale at the auction Paddle8 for the charitable organisation “Women for Women International”. The organisation helps women, victims of war conflicts all over the world. All the knowledge acquired while working on this project plays an important part in my new book dedicated to hat design.

Eva Lanska

POWER COMES FROM: Balance. Extremes, such as excessive filling of the bowl on one side of the scales always leads to the devastation of the second bowl. Perfect balance is always in the middle. Be flexible and pure as water.

TOPSHOP OR CHANEL: The blazer and little black dress from Chanel can not be substituted by any other brand. Chanel has the energy of the brand that was conceived decades ago.  It is invisible, but can be felt. The purchase of the year: white short Chanel jacket with hooks and with buttoned pockets.

Eva Lanska

FASHION STYLE:  Clothes are a kind of a sign or code that the society reads. I don’t think about fashion, I think of what I want to say to myself and to the world with the clothes I put on. To dress both simply and elegantly at the same time is the most complicated task in fashion, but this is something I love practicing and trying to achieve. To look untidy is to show disrespect to others..

Eva Lanska

ONLINE SHOPPING: Net-A-Porter is the most convenient way of shopping, bearing in mind logistics and delivery. Do not know anything better.

GEM STYLE:  I like antique jewellery: these are pieces that stand the test of time and come with their own history.

Eva Lanska

PEARLS: I have a particular attitude to pearls – they are a necessity in any jewellery box. This year’s hit is DIOR earrings consisting of two pearls of different sizes. I do not  know any fashionista who would not make them a part of their collection. In spite of the fact that pearls are not real, they look great.

FIRST JEWELLERY: Recently I gave my antique earrings made from white gold to my Italian friend Marco with whom we created a new design and in a few days these pearls will have a new life – they should not be just stored in a box.

Eva Lanska

MY EVERYDAY JEWELLERY: A necklace from Garrard: a small diamond on a chain. A classic chain from Van Cleef as a bracelet. And of course, a ring with one white pearl by Van Cleef. Sometimes a seal with my initials that I put on a baby finger.

For the evening it is always long earrings by Oscar de la Renta, quite heavy but gorgeous. Different shapes and colours. They are safe for taking on a trip with me, they incorporate semi-precious stones but still look luxurious. For very special occasions – earrings from Boucheron.

Eva Lanska

PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING: White and pure diamond. The size is less important than its quality.

Eva Lanska

ROLEX OR CARTIER: Rolex. It is a kind of club. If you visit any fashionable beach in St. Tropez or Ibiza, you will see Rolex, often a Daytona practically on every holiday maker. Watches are always an investment. You will need only a couple of hours to sell a used Rolex.

Eva Lanska

MEN JEWELLERY: Cufflinks are a necessity. And probably a watch.

FINE JEWELLERY: In jewellery the precision and fine work is the most important criteria. And of course, the possibility to sell the thing at the same price as was bought when you are bored with it. This is the power of good brands.

JEWELLERY AS AN INVESTMENT:  Yes. I think the jewellery market supports this type of investments. It is beneficial for everybody. And practice confirms that.

Eva Lanska

JEWELLERY AUCTIONS: At French auctions such as ArtCurial and Tajan, a good thing can be found for a better price. But Sotheby’s is good too.

RUSSIAN JEWELLERY DESIGNERS: Petr Aksenov. I have known him for a long time. He loves what he does.

VINTAGE JEWELLERY: Bracelet with carats of morganite on the advice of GEMOLOGUE. Apparently, morganite will increase in price in future. We will see.

Eva Lanska

FASHION JEWELLERY: Brooches and pearls from Chanel. Oscar de la Renta earrings for the evening and necklaces from Lanvin. But rings shall always be from precious metals.

Eva Lanska

PERFECT GETAWAY:  Maldives. Nothing can compare. The hotel “Niyama”- price, quality, people – everything is balanced there .

WILD WISH: To learn how to become a captain and sail away on a yacht round the world for a year and do not think about anything.

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