I was very excited to have an opportunity to attend the unveiling of the new Wonderland fine jewellery collection by a family-owned British brand Boodles. Its flagship Bond street boutique has just became a little more spacious with brilliant VIP rooms added for private events and special clients. Special guests including myself were welcomed by the lovely Boodles Jewellery team and greeted with a signature breakfast of high jewellery!

Wonderland collection is launching in June, but I’m suspecting these fantasy jewels are already on the wish-list of world’s top socialites. A pure flow of designers’ imagination paired with impeccable craftsmanship create jewels, which blur reality and fantasy. Orchards, palaces deserts and oceans… of diamonds and gemstones! See for yourself!

Which came first: the story or the jewellery? You decide and share with me in comments!

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???What is your favourite diamond cut? Tell me in comments! ? I love #cushioncutdiamond, #heartshaped and #ASHOKADiamond!⁣ ⁣ Loving how its 62 facets radiate in all colours of the rainbow and make the stone appear bigger! ? ASHOKA diamond is quite rare given that only a long, high quality crystal can qualify for the cut. The reason is: a #ashokadiamonds have no depth to hide the imperfections.⁣ This truly special cut was patented by the Goldberg family and is available exclusively at @boodlesjewellery in the UK! #BoodlesJewellery #mayfairlondon ⁣ Head to the link in my Bio to discover more #BoodlesJewellery creations!? @LizaUrla #jewelleryface #gemologue ⁣#boodles ⁣ ? @gemkreatives @lizaurla

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??? Not sure which is more impressive, seeing real flamingos or these bejewelled beauties by @boodlesjewellery! Just like a jewel becomes a piece of art in the skilled hands of craftsmen, flamingos transform from grey to pink as a result of their special shrimp and algae diet! ? Tag your bestie, to make her day sparkle! @LizaUrla #jewelleryface #gemologue #BoodlesJewellery #Boodles #flamingo #?? Colar Flamingo mágico pra fazer seu dia brilhar! Marque uma amiga que ame joias tanto quanto você pra espalhar o brilho!⁣ #jewelrylovers #?? Розовый фламинго, дитя заката ? Отмечай подругу, которая любит украшения так же, как ты! ⁣#ювелирныеукрашения

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??? Feast your eyes on another gorgeous #ASHOKADiamond from #BoodlesJewellery upcoming Wonderland collection! This is definitely an alternative #engagementring to consider set with gorgeous #ovaldiamond and #marquisediamond. Check more engagement ring trends of 2019 via the link in my Bio! ? @LizaUrla #jewelleryface #gemologue ⁣ ⁣ Do you like my #jewelryvideo posts? Let me know in comments if they give you a more detailed impression of a jewel! ⤵️ #jewelrylovers⁣ ⁣ ?? Gostou dos meus vídeos ou prefere fotos estáticas? #diamantes⁣ ⁣ ?? Нравится ли вам мой новый видео формат или вы предпочитаете фотографии украшений? Делитесь со мной в комментариях! #кольцосбриллиантом

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