What a pleasure it was to step inside Boodles London flagship jewellery boutique in Mayfair, London and immerse myself in their outstanding new diamond collection – Peace of Mined – sourced chiefly from the famous Cullinan Mines of South Africa.

‘A diamond is a wonder of nature. Most are more⁠ than a billion years old. Some were formed in faraway⁠ stars. And if you’re lucky, you already own one’. ⁠


The Peace of Mined diamond jewellery collection pays homage to a partnership of heritage between the famous, family-owned Boodles and the Cullinan Diamond Mine – the same mine that gave us the Cullinan I and II (the Greater Stars of Africa) that take pride of place in the Royal Sceptre and the Imperial State Crown. This is a relationship that began more than four decades ago.


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Most gemstones are beautiful in their own unique way, but knowing where they come from makes them shine 100 times brighter. A Boodles diamond from the depths of the Cullinan Mine comes with a priceless guarantee – the 100% certainty and peace of mind of the diamonds’ provenance. This is one of the most important things to be aware of when investing in gemstones that you intend to cherish and keep forever. It is a detail I never neglect and nor should you!


Featuring over 25 pieces of magnificent, fully traceable Cullinan diamonds, Boodles Peace of Mined jewellery collection celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and marks a family tradition of quality and provenance. These are some of the most breathtaking jewels I have seen in 2022!

To start my journey, the Boodles creative team shared with me the inspiration behind this extraordinary diamond collection with oversized mood boards and a collection of Boodles family photos of their historic trips to the famous Cullinan Diamond Mines. This is a story of provenance from mine to market and high colour, high purity diamond roughs to finished masterpieces, showing Boodles commitment to traceable diamonds and the jewellery-making process.

A few select pieces immediately caught my eye for their remarkable ring settings and the intricate use of colourful enamel and pink diamonds to highlight the feature diamond in each piece. Unique, feminine and absolutely astounding.

Just take a look at this gorgeous diamond necklace, one of the most impressive pieces of jewellery within the majestic Boodles collection. These diamonds are truly awe-inspiring and I was thrilled by the remarkable designers of these pieces. The flawless, pear-cut Cullinan diamond at the centre radiates with royal energy and stole my heart. The timelessness and heritage behind these jewels will be loved and cherished for years to come.


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  • ⁠The Peace of Mined diamond collection by Boodles is a story of provenance, featuring more than 25 stunning pieces, each with a signature Cullinan diamond at its centre.⁠
  • ⁠The South African Cullinan diamond of 1905 is 3,106 carats – the largest gem-quality diamond crystal ever found.
  • The Cullinan diamond was presented to King Edward VII in 1907. To secure its safe transit, a substitute diamond was created and sent via steamboat under the careful watch of a team of detectives.
  • The famous, royal gemcutter, Joseph Asscher cut the rough diamond crystal into nine⁠ major gems and 96 smaller diamonds.
  • Cullinan I and Cullinan II are the largest of the cut diamonds and feature prominently in the British Crown Jewels. The remainder of the major diamonds (Cullinan Ill-IX) are privately owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

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