While traveling in France this summer, I bumped into Eva Baczynska from at a wedding. Eva is also an avid traveler and started the blog Travelle to share her experiences and advice with other women for staying stylish, healthy and beautiful on the road.


Smython Panama Travel Watch Roll

Many of my friends travel for business, sometimes flying off to another city every day for a full agenda of meetings starting at 5 a.m. Hotels are rarely equipped with the luxuries you get at home like the right hair dryer, never mind special diets that cater to lactose-free, gluten-free habits like mine. I’ve learned so much by following Travelle and the helpful articles Eva posts every week.


We got to talking about our favourite topics (travel and jewellery) and she asked me if I had any travel tips I could share about keeping your jewellery safe and organized while jet setting around the world. Such a great idea! So I’m going to share those tips with you now.


Pack Light

Just the same with clothes, do not pack more than you need. Choose a few signature pieces to go with your selection of outfits. I have a beautiful Rosantica pearl necklace that is so versatile, it goes with everything. I can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or belt. I just love it. It’s perfect for travelling light.


Smythson Mara Square Jewellery Pouch

Pack your Jewellery in your Hand Luggage

I like to keep my jewellery close-by, together with my other valuables and necessary items – my camera,  lenses and laptop. One time when I was in visiting the Maldives, my luggage got delayed in transit and arrived four days after I did. I freaked out! All that sun and no sunscreen! My hair looked as though it belonged on someone else’s head – just a frizzy mess! Not to mention my precious jewellery. I had nightmares over that one, thinking I’d lost some of my favourite pieces. Pack all your essentials in your carry-on luggage, girls!


Smythson Mara Small Jewellery Roll

Jewellery is Sensitive to Different Climates

Humidity can do a number on your silver and metal alloys like gold plate. Instead choose some costume jewellery made of alternative materials like resin or leather. Marni costume jewellery comes to mind. Also, familiarize yourself with the gemstones that are sensitive to heat and humid temperatures, so you can leave those safely behind at home. Instead opt for some pieces made of 14 or 18 carat gold.


Jewellery Travel Boxes

​It’s worth investing in a high quality jewellery travel box. My favourites are by Smythson, because they’re compact and stylish, and fit nicely into the side pockets of my luggage.

I recently bought the turquoise and green collection for my trip to NYC. I used two boxes to keep my costume jewellery separate from my fine jewellery, and a travel watch roll. It’s perfect for my chunky stingray and wooden bracelets. My jewellery arrived safe and intact.


Smythson Panama Travel Watch Roll

Wear your Jewellery and Travel

To keep my precious rings safe during my travels, I like to put them on a long chain and wear them around my neck. I feel they are much safer this way. It’s certainly much safer than stashing them in your handbag. Nothing precious should be packed in your handbag when you’re travelling. Handbags are too easily snatched when you stop for coffee or when you’re touring around taking in the sights.


Keep your Jewellery Safe

Never, never, never leave your jewellery inside the hotel safe (unless you have an insurance policy and you feel like new jewellery!)

If you want more travel tips and how to stay stylish, beautiful and healthy on the fly, check out Travelle by Eva Baczynska.


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