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Discover why I love The Jewels Of Nayibe Warchausky.


Nayibe Warchausky is an architect with a Master’s degree in Jewellery Design from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano. Born in Venezuela to Russian and Lebanese parents, who both fled their countries to be free from wars and religious laws, Nayibe is truly a global citizen and a third culture child.

Her own jewellery brand that she began 10 years ago beautifully reflects her multicultural influences. Drawing inspiration from the cities where she lived, Nayibe’s breathtaking contemporary jewels encompass the glassmaking tradition of Murano and the architecture style of Russian Constructivism. Almost like micro-sculptures, sustainable and beautifully fragile, her rings leave admirers in a complete awe! And I was no exception! I can’t think of a better designer and beautiful soul to win my first-ever GEMOLOGUE award at Artistar Jewels!

“Honored to be selected by Artistar Jewels, a project dedicated to the international scouting of talents of Contemporary Jewelry. I am happy to exhibit alongside so many talented designers from all over the world and be part of this amazing “Artistar Jewels” Book. Truly in shock when I received the GEMOLOGUE PRIZE, so grateful and excited about this mention, thank you Liza Urla for choosing me, this is a magical time” – Nayibe Warchausky


So much originality in these rings by Nayibe Warchausky, I just love them! She revitalises notions of the Venetian Murano glassmaking tradition by blending age-old techniques with modern technology, creating optical depths and tridimensional facets. With a passionate dedication towards experimenting and exploring the properties of Murano crystal, Nayibe has spent long hours learning from the best Venetian glassmakers. Her ultimate signature technique is a sublime mixture of exaltation for the glass and its voluptuous, geometrical and luxurious nature.

The crystal rings are created by melting and cooling silicate mixtures to give the same depth and quality as a diamond. Using different faceting and cutting techniques on various compositions of transparency, hues and settings, Nayibe creates visual depth and ethereal beauty that changes with the light. All of Nayibe’s rings are fused and sculpted in Italy from the millenary wisdom inherited by the best Venetian glassmaking families. The 18k gold logo attachés add the final exquisite touch to all of her jewels.


Whenever I encounter beautiful jewellery made of glass, it’s a special experience. Glass jewels have a powerful symbolism; they are a metaphor of life – precious and fragile, just like the world we live in. This fragility is very attractive to me. I have always been passionate about Murano glass and the ability of the craftsmen who create these beautiful jewels. Nayibe has also developed a unique mixture combining glass and precious stones like lapis lazuli for an extra shot of colour and a beautiful shade of blue.

Another reason to love it: this GEMOLOGUE award winner supports local artisans of Murano island and also uses recycled glass, making her jewels not only an extraordinarily attractive embellishment, but also a sustainable choice. It’s so rewarding to be a part of Nayibe’s jewellery journey and give her wonderful sculptural jewels the exposure they deserve!

Deconstructed Universe ring – a flawless balance between matter and form. Handcrafted with Murano crystal and embellished with 18k rose gold and lapis lazuli gemstone.

Scaglie Caviar ring – micro sculptural symmetry. Handmade with Murano crystal by melting and cooling mixtures of silicates, finished with crystal gold caviar and 18k gold emblem.

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