During MATCHESFASHION Fine Jewellery Event in London I met the founders, Tom and Ruth Chapman. This lovely couple has been running MATCHESFASHION empire for  24 years! MATCHESFASHION.COM experience is as unique and exhilarating as any of their boutiques. My favourite is in Notting Hill on Ledbury Road  – together with Dover Street Market it has the trendiest selection in London!

With Ruth Chapman, MATCHESFASHION.COM founder

During Private Fine Jewellery Event in London MATCHESFASHION presented a fabulous selection of everything contemporary and luxury. Jewellery on display was crafted by designers from Greece, NYC, Italy, Paris, Beirut, Brazil, and London. During the champagne reception GEM-A-PORTER had the pleasure of meeting with fabulous Nina Runsdorf, lovely Carolina Bucci, stylish Noor Fares, elegant Sabine Ghanem, creative Melanie Georgacopoulos, funny Alison Chemla, charming Nikos Koulis and sweet Ann Dexter-Jones.

All the jewellers represented by MATCHESFASHION.COM insist on expressing your style every day, no matter what the dress code is! Contemporary fine jewels are all about daily luxury, personalisation and long-term value. Buying yourself fine jewelry rather than waiting for it as a gift from your man can be truly empowering! I bought my sapphire Meira T bracelet while working at Goldman Sachs: I wear it every day, and it is a reminder of my independence and everything that has happened since.

Below is my selection of MATCHESFASHION.COM jewellery. Be careful, as there might be too many temptations for you to handle!

With Sabine Ghanem

Sabine Ghanem launched her eponymous label, Sabine G, in 2013. She spent her childhood in both Geneva and Beirut before moving to New York. These eastern and western influences have since become a signature of her intricate rose-gold rings and pendants laced with fine diamonds.

sabine 1

Embellished with diamonds and sitting across two fingers, this 18ct oxidised rose gold ring from Sabine G is nothing short of striking.

sabine 3

Designed by Sabine G to be worn as an exquisite headpiece or as a necklace, this 18ct gold style is encrusted with precious stones. A pink ruby brings a hint of colour while a heart shape diamond adds to the sparkle. Keep the rest of your look simple for maximum impact.

Noor Fares

With Noor Fares

London-based jewellery designer Noor Fares’ pieces have a talismanic quality. In precious gold and dotted with discreet diamonds, her beautifully crafted pieces take inspiration from traditional mosaic patterns and mystical imagery.

Following in the footsteps of seven generations of jewellers and diamond merchants, New York-based Nina Runsdorf has fine jewellery in her blood. Specialising in exquisitely set diamonds and sliced precious stones including emeralds, rubies and sapphires, Runsdorf’s divine pieces are an investment to treasure for years to come. For more info click here.

With Nina Runsdorf

Greek fashion talent Nikos Koulis’s theatrical, sculptural jewellery has garnered a stellar A-list following since he made his debut at Baselworld jewellery fair in 2011. Intricate designs and a rich use of colour make his pieces thoroughly showstopping.

nikos 14

With Nikos Koulis

nikos 9 BW

Statement jewellery is your fast-track to glamorous style, and this intricate cut-out ring from Nikos Koulis is a case in point. Embellished with an array of diamonds and crafted from 18ct white gold, it’s an opulent decoration.

Melanie Georgacopoulos

Having studied sculpture at the University of Edinburgh, Melanie Georgacopoulos has an appreciation of simple forms and a respect for natural materials that is evident in her jewellery designs. Working with pearls and precious metals she creates architectural pieces that are modern and timeless.


Greece-based Ileana Makri founded her fine jewellery label in 1996. She draws inspiration from her family heritage and multi-cultural symbols to produce her ultra-feminine pieces.

 Ileana Makri

After completing an MA in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, Fernando Jorge launched his first collection in 2010. Using materials and stone from his native Brazil, Jorge combines highly specialised craftsmanship with contemporary technology and design.

fernando 2

This rhodium-plated 18ct gold ring from Fernando Jorge will make a statement. Its exquisite black onyx is surrounded by twinkling white diamonds.

Elise Dray

Elise Dray launched her jewellery collection in 2009 after studying at the revered BJOP School in Paris. From delicate rings to statement, animal-inspired necklaces, her fine jewellery collection incorporates intricate pieces with exquisite diamond detailing.

Elise Dray

Elise Dray

Designer Diane Kordas started out creating evil eye bracelets inspired by local traditions. Now splitting her time between London and Greece, Kordas has expanded her offering, creating wearable, luxury pieces made of black, cognac and white diamonds on 18ct-gold settings.

Diane Kordas

Diane Kordas

Carolina Bucci began her jewellery career by observing the family business. Since then, she’s given her own elegant stamp to 21st-century jewellery design, with pieces that take inspiration from charms, talismans and friendship bracelets, while incorporating the most luxurious and precious of materials.

Carolina Bucci Carolina Bucci

Let Carolina Bucci lend your treasure-forever bijouterie collection a fun and playful edge with this 18ct yellow gold Lucky bracelet. Plaited neon threads are interwoven with fine gold chains and finished with a delicate scarab beetle charm; tie it loosely around your wrist for a nonchalant on-trend final flourish.

Headed by designer Alison Chemla, this jewellery brand’s signature style is irreverent and playful. Her contemporary interpretation of jewellery incorporates offbeat iconography such as hardware nails, emoticon-style faces and lettering in precious materials.

 Alison Lou

This eclectic ring from Alison Lou will make a charismatic addition to your fine jewellery collection. A quirky combination of happy and sad faces are smattered in twinkling diamonds and set on 14ct gold. Keep the focus on this charming piece and wear solo with casual ensembles and evening dresses alike.

alison 5

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