It is not a secret I am a vivid lover of all things blue, including my favourite gemstone – sapphire! No better way of honouring this stone by dressing up in its extraordinary hue reading Sapphire: A Celebration Of Color book!

If like me you are a sapphire lover – you will be very happy to hear that GEMFIELDS has launched the much-anticipated ‘Sapphire’ – completing the ‘Big Three’ Trilogy⁠ which follows on from Emerald and Ruby.

“Sapphire is an unassuming gem. It has been overshadowed by diamonds, rubies and emeralds for decades, but ignore it at your peril, for sapphire is a titan of the gemstone world.”⁠ Joanna Hardy , “Sapphire: a celebration of color” author


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A decade in the making, the final book in the series it’s a vividly illustrated collection of over 780 images (please double count to make sure I got it right ) featuring a selection of works by 21st century jewellery designers such as Shaun Leane, Hemmerle, Lauren Adriana and Bina Goenka. ⁠I am so excited to add this read to my collection, a masterpiece that brings me calm, joy and inspiration. The perfect Christmas present and library addition for all those who like me find peace in a beautiful book.


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Part of what makes sapphire so exciting to collect is its full range of colours. Although colour is very subjective everyone will find a colour that they consider electric and that stirs an emotion. Here are some interesting facts from the Sapphire: A Celebration Of Color book:

  • Hyacinthos (or iacinthus) is generally accepted as the ancient name for blue sapphire
  • 90 per cent of sapphires on the market are heat-treated, unheated stones are getting harder to find
  • In ancient Egypt, sapphires were associated with the wisdom of the ‘all-seeing’ Eye of Horus and used as make-up
  • Une of the most iconic sapphire and diamond rings is the one that Prince Charles gave to lady Diana Spencer in February 1931. 12-carat oval mixed-cut blue Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 brilliant-cut diamond
  • Reputed to be the world’s largest faceted blue sapphire, the Blue Giant of the Orient was reported in the Ceylon Morning Leader on the 23 August 1907 – the rough stone weighed approximately 600 carats!

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