I met with Dina Kamal at Dover Street Market in London. Dina Kamal launched her Beirut-based jewellery practice DK01 in 2010 and redefined the pinky ring and created ultra chic modern heirlooms with attitude. The centuries old male tradition gave birth to Dina’s contemporary collection which is currently stocked in Dover Street Market in London, NYC and Japan!


Dina Kamal

Dina herself is charming, she possesses this special energy that is famous among the Lebanese. There is a warmth within seconds of meeting them, they could be your best friend, mother, father, lover in moments! A vivid story-teller, every tale told by Dina becomes alive and irresistible, just like her designs. DK01 is inspired by both the graceful women of the 1920s, their pinky cocktail rings and the significance of style and attitude behind the signet ring. Traditionally a piece passed down through the male line from generation to generation, the signet ring, pinky ring or chavaliere has long been associated with style and status. They were originally worn by royalty, nobility and the clergy. More recently we have seen them worn by icons in the fashion, music and film industries. Dina Kamal’s collection also includes other fab rings and jewellery pieces, all inspired by a story, a commission, or a function.

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IMG_9496 copy Attention to proportion and detail define the brand philosophy, Dina Kamal is an architect. It seems to me a trend – architects with a very successful jewellery design line. I feel that an architect can see things differently, they are passionate, borderline obsessive about symmetry and harmony. That’s exactly the approach Dina uses towards designing her timeless pieces. I call them minimalist, she says timeless. Dina initially trained and practiced as an architect in Washington DC before moving to Beirut in 1998, where she continues to practice architecture along with creating her jewellery. As an architect, Dina Kamal’s main design consideration is her attention to proportion and detail. Which I learnt is not just a measure for beauty, but also for comfort: the rings change scale depending on the finger size – talk about obsession!

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Dina Kamal’s collection is extensive, she loves to play with different colours and gold techniques, handcrafted in 18 karat gold, polished, brushed or textured, and with or without diamond pavage. From treated black diamonds or natural soft pink sapphires to champagne brown and brilliant cut natural white diamonds! During our visit Dina confessed that “the story inspires design” and that’s how her all timeless heirlooms come to life!

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My favourite pieces are the black enamel pinky as well as the stunning gold chain diamond pavage hidden on the back. I am completely in love with this wearable architecture that can easily be transformed into a chic evening piece, contemporary luxury at it’s best!

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