This is the 3rd year I have been to Jewellery Arabia in Bahrain with Azza al Hajuri Her fine jewellery boutique grows from strength to strength. This year at her new, modern pink display, she spoiled jewellery buyers from the region with Silvia Furmanovich from Brazil, L’atelier Nawbar from Beirut and Luis-Miguel Howard from London. You might remember my last year visit to Jewellery Arabia in Bahrain where I was lucky to spend time and get to know not only Azza’s designer boutique but also Mattar Jewelers and Al Mahmood Pearls who represents Boucheron in the region.

You can see all the behind-the-scenes jewellery vlog from my trip to Bahrian in this GEMOLOGUE YouTube video. It’s a new way of sharing my jewellery journey with you. I loved reading all your sweet comments about how suprised you were to see I actually look the same on video as in my photos (maybe a little more tired and sleepy but still the same!) You can see more of my weekly jewellery videos on my GEMOLOGUE YouTube channel.


In the morning I stopped to do my makeup at AH Makeup studio with fabulous Azhar Hubail, her branded eyelashes are to die for! Afterwards we made our way to the Jewellery Arabia VIP opening. You may remember that Jewellery Arabia is a consumer show where over 50,000 jewellery lovers travel to Bahrain from the region to shop. It is an amazing experience where you can discover new jewellery designs. The show runs for a week and is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Jewellery lovers spend a great deal of time at Jewellery Arabia in Bahrain. Many come every single day trying to decide what to purchase from all the new pieces they immediately fall in love with. In Bahrain, jewellery buying is a religion with its own rules. I was in good company with local Azza al Hajuri fine jewellery boutique and her designers this year. Such an amazing vibe and extraordinary jewellery collections, with a VIP dinner and a night of pure fun after the show.

During Jewellery Arabia VIP opening I chose to wear this gorgeous red Adriana Degreas dress. I think it was a good choice to complement Azza’s new pink contemporary display. Many of the other booths are very traditional in style, but Azza is on trend and the this shade of pink is so divine . The layout allowed shoppers to not only enjoy the jewellery on display but also to come in and chat to the designers and try on the pieces. So much nicer to buy directly from a jewellery designer, as it creates a special connection. For example, shopping with Silvia Furmanovich makes is extra special as she is such a fabulous and inspirational woman.

Luis-Miguel Howard from London was also present to show his jewellery collection. He is such a charmer and talker that you get under his spell in no time. Watch out for his cabochons and art deco bracelets. Luis-Miguel Howard Jewellery was launched in 2004 after leaving Spain to study silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery design in the UK.

Arranging Azza Fine Jewellery collection. Azza is sweet and kind and whatever is happening around her, she remains calm and lovely, pure sunshine. Visiting Jewellery Arabia for three years in a row, I’ve learned that Azza is a force of nature. Just four months after giving birth to her second child, here she is playing host to so many designers. That makes her a superwoman in my mind.

At the VIP opening I picked my favourite pieces for three fashion looks and took the jewellery to my favourite place at La Fountaine to photograph with my favourite professional jewellery photographer and a director of GEM Kreatives, a creative agency for jewellery designers, Julia Flit. La Fountaine is a special place which hosts not only Azza Boutique but also a gallery, spa (massage was divine!) and a superb restaurant by a fountain. A place popular for CHANEL parties and special weddings including Azza’s.

After the shoot, which you can watch on GEMOLOGUE YouTube channel, I come back to Jewellery Arabia to chat to the designers and greet the guests and of course, discover more jewellery. Such an amazing energy here. I am surrounded by jewellery lovers and designers; there is no better place for me to be. Walking around Jewellery Arabia, I spotted a fabulous pair of earrings worn by a shopper. So I had to stop and compliment her. To my surprise she recognised me (something I will never get used to) and it turned out Gemologue was to blame for this purchase! I was over the moon to see the same earrings I had featured a few months back on GEMOLOGUE’s social media channels. So envious! Thank you all for following!

Of course, I could not resist trying on more jewellery after our photoshoot. This time I wore an Adriana Degreas outfit while I waited for Julia to come back with her photography equipment and a local dress by Amal Al Mulla for me to change into. How fabulous is this Silvia Furmanovich marquetry collection! I adore the faceted bracelets, rings and clutches in the shape of gemstones and diamonds. So intricate but modern and on trend.


Silvia Furmanovich and her son didn’t disappoint with their jewellery style. Their  jewellery taste is exquisite and matches perfectly with what they are wearing. Jewellery is in their DNA. I love their passion and never-ending interest to travel extensively to learn new things about jewellery. We are very much alike and I will treasure my time spent with them always.

I met Dina of L’atelier Nawbar for the first time in Bahrain. After living in London, she moved to Beirut and has been in the jewellery for as long as she can remember. Three generations of Nawbar Jewelers precede them, beginning with their great-great-grandfather, Khalil Nawbar who founded the first family store in Beirut’s gold souk in 1881. The sisters are the fourth generation of Nawbar jewelers, who have infused a contemporary edge to an age-old tradition.  She knows how to have fun with jewellery and her collection at the Azza Booth was surrounded by fans. So many cute everyday rings to choose from.

A quick change of dress, this time by a Bahrain designer by the name of Amal Al Mulla, accented with L’atelier Nawbar jewels for a twist. I am looking forward to visit L’atelier Nawbar in Beirut, which has an innovative jewellery and gallery concept, combing the five facets of jewellery making: design, manufacturing, retail, exhibition and restoration, brought together in one unique space.

Silvia Furmanovich handcrafted jewellery comes to life using painstaking ancestral techniques. She draws her inspiration from her passion for the natural world, travel, colour and fashion. The result is a collection of daring pieces both in scale and imagination. I chose my favourite pieces and arranged them on a notebook, getting Silvia to describe each piece to give you some insight into her imagination. It was a fun thing to do in the middle of the Azza Designer Boutique booth. We had a great time.


After Jewellery Arabia, Azza organised a VIP dinner with special guests she had flown in from the region. It was a magical dinner to remember and so wonderful to be part of Azza’s extended jewellery family. Special moments and memorable places. Bahrain will always be in my heart.

For the dinner I wore this Ekaterina Kuchareva dress with Aquazura shoes to match the candle light and warm weather. What an escape from cold, dark London. I didn’t want to leave sunny Bahrain. It is such a luxury to have a seated dinner outside in such a special space at Manama.


With guests at the dinner enjoying a glass of bubbly. Bahrain is liberal and drinking is allowed.


For the dinner, I matched my makeup with Silvia Furmanovich marquetry earrings with garnets.

Thank you Azza for making all this happen. You are a ray of sunshine in the world of jewellery and a force to be reckoned with in Bahrain.

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube video on GEMOLOGUE for a behind-the-scenes look at my day in Bahrain. Until we meet again, Bahrain.

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