If you are looking for jewellery styling tips and inspiration, I have it covered. Welcome to GEMOLOGUE jewellery styling video series: chic jewellery looks to inspire you based on the top tips from GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips book. Time to share beautiful jewellery in action!


With pearls and costume jewellery coming together, there’s no chance I would’ve missed creating this look! A hint of white and a trace of pearls in each jewel bring different styles together in one classy colour palette as you can never go wrong with white! People crave attention so they decorate themselves with fabulous and eye catching costume jewels, such as those of Iradj Moini.

“Aquamarine & Chalcedony Snake Cuff” with mother of pearl, Iradj Moini
“Star Choker” with aquamarine, amethyst, pearl, lemon quartz and Swarovski crystals, Iradj Moini


Jewellery is a great conversation starter, and Iradj Moini striking costume jewels say it all for you! Wear statement costume jewellery at weddings and evening events to create a stir and to add a playful touch to your evening dress. This works particularly well when dress code rules are strict: costume jewellery will make your outfit shine!

“Fall-Inspired Butterfly Cuff” with fluorite, agate, carnelian and emerald, Iradj Moini
“Aquamarine Branch Necklace” with aquamarine, ruby, Swarovski crystals and 18K gold-plated branches, Iradj Moini


Quality hand-made costume jewellery has become the embodiment of design and craftsmanship rather than intrinsically valuable materials. Since the crazy 1920s flappers styled their outfits with MANY trendy costume jewels of that time because they became widely available and more affordable than fine jewels. That’s why costume jewellery has no rules – and I love it! The more costume jewels you wear the better, and parures are also more than welcome. Just look at this coral set I’m wearing for your inspiration!

“Carnelian Tassel Earrings” with carnelian, lemon quartz, citrine, amethyst and Swarovski crystals, Iradj Moini
“Red Coral Bracelet” with treated coral, fluorite and lemon quartz, Iradj Moini
“Red Italian Coral Bead Choker” with Italian coral, treated coral, amethyst and lemon quartz, Iradj Moini

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