It is bizarre how some numbers follow us throughout our lives… For me, it has always been number 7: the day in December my mother was born, which consequently turned it into her lucky number; all of our flats and houses have always included a 7 in it; often it is the my allocated sit number on the plane, or the number of my hotel room. I have encountered a 7 on countless occasions throughout my life, and I now consider 7 my lucky number too. Since I have always been surrounded by number 7, I am a strong believer in numerology, a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.

Design  4 out of 5 stars
Value for money 4 out of 5 stars
Showstopper 3 out of 5 stars
Durability 5 out of 5 stars
Craftsmanship 5 out of 5 stars
Investment 3 out of 5 stars
Packaging 5 out of 5 stars
GEMOLOGUE SCORE 3.5 out of 5 stars
Sarah Ho’s Numerati collection

Sarah Ho has just launched the perfect collection to capture my belief in numerology: her new collection entitled simply Numerati, consists of nine exquisite rings crafted from 18 kt rose gold and fine lines of brilliant cut diamonds. Each ring represents a separate number from one to nine. The design concept behind each Numerati ring is very smart – each number is clearly visible when a ring is held in your hands, yet once you put it on, the design becomes indiscernible, and the special number is only known to you who is wearing this special piece.

DESIGN: Contemporary
SHOWSTOPPER: All the time 
INVESTMENT from 1 (difficult to resell) to 5 (Good investment, can be resold at auction): 4

Sarah Ho’s Numerati collectionSince I have always been surrounded by 7, I have picked The Number 7: The Thinker ring. I tried on my ring for the first time whilst having lunch at the Chiltern Firehouse, one of my favourite hangouts in London. It was a gloriously sunny day, and whilst the dainty diamonds of the ring were capturing the lovely sunlight, I was flooded with fond memories and thoughts associated with number 7, which I have accumulated throughout my life. Sarah Ho’s Numerati collectionThis number represents the seeker, the thinker and the searcher of Truth – people who pick a 7 are rational, flexible and hungry for knowledge. Number 7 does not take anything at face value – just like me – nothing is ever as it seems, and the reality, either good or bad, is oftentimes hidden behind illusions. Sarah Ho’s Numerati collectionA ring from Sarah Ho’s Numerati collection is ideal if you are looking for a personalised jewel: a special piece that represents the essence of you, a piece that will evoke fond memories from your past, and a piece that captures a wonderful concept of associating jewellery with your loved ones. What is your lucky number?

One (1) – Individualistic and independent, showing leadership and drive.

Two (2) – Sensitive, tactful, diplomatic and cooperative.

Three (3) – Imaginative, expressive communicators and artists. They are tolerant, joyful, optimistic, talented and youthful.

Four (4) – Disciplined, strong, down-to-earth, reliable, hard-working, devoted, patriotic and trustworthy.

Five (5) – Energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving. They also tend to be curious, social, witty and worldly.

Six (6) – Responsible, loving, self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic and compassionate.

Seven (7) – Intelligent, analytical, focused, intuitive, knowledgeable, serious, gracious and displays much inner wisdom.

Eight (8) – Authoritative, business-minded leaders. They tend to be powerful, but are also balanced and realistic.

Nine (9) – Helpful, compassionate, sophisticated, generous, romantic, creative, self-sufficient and self-sacrificing. To read more about Sarah Ho’s Numerati collection, visit

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