Jewelry Giveaway! Thank you for participating in my GEMOLOGUE Jewellery Giveaway from the Maldives.

I love going to other countries to find new additions to my jewellery box. Would you travel across the world for a piece of jewellery and why (not)? Send me your stories/opinion by commenting below or on GEMOLOGUE Instagram and you are in a chance of winning these statement Outhouse Jewellery earrings with 22 carat gold plating and cold turquoise enamel, worth over £250. Tag your gf to see what she thinks – give her a chance to win, too. Love from Dubai.


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1. Key Dates. Start Date and time: 28/02/2018 12:00, End Date and time: 31/03/2018 23:59 Any entries received before / after these dates won’t be counted.
2. Restrictions. Only open to people who are 18 years or over at the date of their entry.
3. One winner will be selected by electronic random draw on 31/03/2018. They will be contacted personally (as soon as possible and must provide us with their address within 7 days or another winner will be chosen).
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  • Yes! Would definitely love to go to different countries for jewellery. It’s like a win-win situation for a jewellery and travel lover like me.. one gets to see new places, new cultures and more jewellery and probably a new side to its significance too. Plus different techniques and craftsmanship pleases as well.

  • Totally yes! I love travelling and what would be the best memorie of a trip than have a master piece from that country.
    Love your website!!

  • I love to see jewellery, but living in Brasil and my family in New York I only see new pieces there. I would like to go to Dubai.

  • I would definitely travel to other countries in order to find something different and beautiful that I could not find in my own country. Unique pieces of jewellery can be found if you look for them,so I would love to travel to another country and buy something beautiful and unique and totally different than all the other pieces I already have. After all,jewellery are forever 😊

  • Hi Liza, yes I would love traveling accords the globe to buy jewellery ! Me and my mom are mad about beautiful jewellery .. when we went to Russia we bought a lot of amber jewellery from there , from turkey we bought a beautiful neck piece of zultanite and when we visit the uae we bought stunning real diamond jewellery from amwaj and other jewellery stores ! every country has a different type And different way to place their jewellery and style it and for that I would roam anywhere to get it !

  • I Once traveld all the way to beautiful Thailand, before I had gone I did my research and found that Rubies are among some of the best stones found in Thailand! Needless to say upon arrival, I was on a mission to find a piece that would forever represent my travels to Thailand! And I did! A beautiful woven bracelet made in an ancient traditional style with Rubies sparkling all around

  • Yes!!! How else am I meant to find my gems!? I usually buy a special piece everywhere I go as a momentous and future heirloom.

  • Definitely! I went to singapore and istanbul for Sevan Bicakci, he is my inspiration since i was studying to be a jewellery designer. I got to see and understand his jewelleries in person. So we met, we talked and we sang the aicha song by cheb khaled since my name is aisha 🙂 and he gave me a signed book and we took photos together. It was like my jewellery dream came true! He made me promise that I will become a better craftsman than him in the future, I’m still trying to make that happen. Next time I would love to visit India and Sri lanka for the gems and Turkey (again) and Italy for the jewelleries.

  • I’d do a world tour across the world to buy new pieces in every port, city, bazar and little antique store) and as soon as the tour would go to its end, Id start it over again:)) theres nothing like a new jewelry piece from a new location that will constantly remind me of it. Thats exactly how I do my whole life, jewelry search is my life style, and when planning a new adventure I definitely study the jewel culture of the place to go. Last most inspiring was filigree necklace from Lisboa, which us very typical for the country.

  • I would certainly travel to get those pair of earrings, I love to see new places and new unique pieces of jewelry. One of my favorite things on earth are earrings, beautiful uniquely made jewelry!

  • Yes because jewellery is meant to be cherish by human, since long time ago. Without perseverance, there’s no hope. And there would be no Hope Diamond.

  • I could not afford to travel for a piece of jewellery but if I win the lottery I would definitely seize any opportunity to travel and own more jewellery.

  • I would travel across the world for a piece of jewellery. But I don’t think the motivation is as reductive as it sounds. Jewellery is travel, it is memories, it is the colours, culture, emotions, flavours and feelings of a place. I would travel across the globe to experience these things and I would bring back a piece of jewellery to remind me to keep making similar journeys.