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Lady Julie Montagu is one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in London, a star of TV Series of ‘Ladies of London’, as well as a mother of four! She has also authored a superfoods cook book, as well as running an online nutrition course.

Name: Lady Julie Montagu
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Occupation: Author, Yoga Instructor, Cast member of TV series ‘Ladies of London’
Hometown: Sugar Grove, Illinois U.S.A

 Places where I hang…. mostly Triyoga Chelsea, Juice Baby and for lunch I love The Ivy Chelsea Garden! And of course, Annouska’s boutique where I was kindly invited for her private party. OMG. LOVE her place!  

Julie Montagu

US OR UK: I love them both equally! I moved to the UK for my job and ended up staying and marrying a Brit! I love the culture and energy of London but definitely. miss the customer service in the US!

IN THE BEGINNING?: After my fourth was born, I was exhausted and yoga was the answer and I have never looked back!

LONDON DEBUT?: ? I think having had 4 kids is an achievement! And then……. my brand new ‘Superfoods’ Cookbook with 90 plant-based recipes and some healthy eating tips AND my online Nutrition Course, ‘The Flexi Foodie Academy‘ which has 27 streaming videos, interactive quizzes, forums, 25 downloadable recipes and much more.  It took 6 months to create this e-learning course, but I’m so passionate about eating well and wanted others to be able to have a solid nutrition course at their fingertips without breaking the bank!

Julie Montagu

YOGA: For me yoga is about switching off from the external world and zooming in on me. It’s like giving back to my self. I teach at Triyoga Chelsea and Soho, Grace Belgravia and the brand new South Kensington Club. Check my timetable here. I’m particularly excited about teaching on the roof of Selfridges on the 21st July! 

YOGA RETREAT: Santorini, Greece. I co-host a retreat here once a year in May.  We just finished our 3rd year.  It’s spectacular.  5 hours of yoga a day which also includes meditation and you are literally sun salutating over the Aegean Sea! Last retreat we had 32 yogis and the energy was unbelievable.

POWER COMES FROM: I take a lot of Algae throughout my day – Chlorella and Spirulina give me tons of energy and power!

BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: I love ALL Pai Skincare and Chanel Mascara. And I love to shop at Content Beauty in Marleybone for all my beauty essentials!

Julie Montagu

TOPSHOP OR CHANEL?:? Hands down Topshop. When I want to get dressed up, I go for LK Bennett. But mostly, I’m a Topshop and Zara kind of girl.

ONLINE SHOPPING: I pretty much buy everything online via Amazon! Even groceries and my Superfood powders! No joke!

Julie Montagu

LADIES OF LONDON: Have met some great people and have really bonded with several of the other cast members. It’s drama at its best! I got involved really to help promote my yoga and nutrition businesses.

Julie Montagu

GEM STYLE: I am a simple kind of girl – so Iike very simple, classic jewellery.

Julie Montagu

FIRST JEWELLERY: I remember getting a locket when I was younger and I wore it every single day until it broke. I loved it so much – makes we want to find another one!

MY EVERYDAY JEWELLERY: I just wear my wedding band which is gold. Again, I am very simple. It’s only when I go out will I put on the special earrings my husband gave me.

Julie Montagu

PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING: The one my husband gave me.

ROLEX OR CARTIER: Neither- not a watch girl.  Have not worn one in years!

Julie Montagu

MEN JEWELLERY: Wedding  band and a watch. Perfect.

FINE JEWELLERY: Simple and Elegant.

Julie Montagu


Julie Montagu


PERFECT GETAWAY: Anywhere with my husband and 4 kids…..

Julie Montagu

DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: My bicycle by Chris Hoy.

Julie Montagu


WILD WISH: To sail around the world with my husband.

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