I visited the new flagship OMEGA boutique on Oxford Street for it’s official opening with Cindy Crawford and OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart in true supermodel style. We met Cindy Crawford, a longtime OMEGA brand ambassador. Together with Maria Doulton from The Jewellery Editor and Hedvig Opshaug from The Northern Light, we had a wonderful time getting to know more about Cindy and Omega.

An ambassador since 1995, Cindy has worked with OMEGA longer than any of the company’s other ambassadors. She was chosen to join the OMEGA family for her fashion flair and because her style fits the brand perfectly. She shares many of OMEGA’s values, including quality, reliability and a strong sense of tradition. To spice up the opening we asked Cindy a few tricky questions.


Have you become a bit of a watch geek since you started working with Omega?

I am an OMEGA watch nerd! I have been working with OMEGA for over twenty years, which is longer then I have known my husband; I feel like we are family now.

OMEGA has taught me to appreciate is the hard work and the amount of skill that goes into putting together a watch. Prior to seeing how the watches are made in Switzerland, I was only interested in the aesthetic of a timepiece; I did not really understand anything about the movement and the mechanism within a watch. It is fascinating to see watchmakers at work.

I love the fact that OMEGA is also very innovative with their watches: the Master Co-Axial watch distinguishes for its ability to resist magnetic fields greater than 15,000 gauss. This new mechanism is a breakthrough not only for OMEGA, but also for the watch industry as a whole.


Why have you chosen to stay with OMEGA for twenty years?

I had a drink with my agent the other day, who told me that he could could not think of anyone who has had a longer contract with any brand! Originally, I decided to become the face of OMEGA, because it is an international brand that has core qualities which are about tradition, quality, timeless. Those are the qualities that I wanted to be aligned with. The last two decades have been an incredible experience. My relationship with them evolved over the years and I have been around the world with them more than once. I have also started to participate in their non-profit activities. In September we went to Peru, because Omega partnered up with a charity Orbis, which takes an outfitted place offering eye surgery to those who need it in poor countries. I took my daughter along, since I wanted to share this incredible experience with my family.


Is a watch a necessity or an accessory? 

A watch is a piece of jewellery; it is fashion statement, as much for a woman as for a man. That’s why its fun to have more than one.

You do not need to wear a watch anymore, since we all have our phone with us all the time. When I travel, I do not even reset it to the time anymore.

Do you style your jewellery around your watch or vice versa?

I style my jewellery around my watch unless it is a black tie event: then you pick your dress, followed by jewels and, finally, the perfect watch!


Does a watch complement an outfit and do you change your watch depending on what you wear?

Yes, absolutely!

Every woman should develop her watch wardrobe. A watch as an investment, so you need to choose carefully. Your first watch should definitely be something that you can wear all the time.

On a day-to-day basis I wear gold on gold OMEGA Aqua Terra, which is a perfect timepiece for laid-back LA. In the evenings, I often wear the Ladymatic with a black face, yellow gold and diamonds.


Omega is a brand favourite by James bond? Do you think you will make an appearance?

I think those days are over!

I do not like acting… Recently, I did a commercial with Sophia Vergara, who is exceptionally funny and a natural at acting. I, on the other hand, kept reminding the director that I am not an actress! After the shoot, I realised I just do not enjoy acting. I can be myself in front of the camera, but not anybody else.

Have other watch companies try to steal you?

No… I have been with OMEGA so long now: when people think of me, they think of OMEGA. I would not jump ship, because I would lose my credibility and I like partnering with a brand and knowing that there will be long term commitment, as it makes the relationship more meaningful and genuine. And, I suppose, it helps that I love their product!

Why do you think an increasing number of women are becoming interested in buying watches as opposed to a man buying a watch for them a decade ago?

More and more women are working and they are successful on their now so they can afford to treat themselves instead of waiting for it to be a gift from somebody.

Women also appreciate the quality. It’s a luxury statement.

What is your perfect Christmas gift?

I love having everybody together: Christmas is about family. I like giving gifts more than receiving them. Unfortunately my kids do not believe in Santa anymore! In the past, I have certainly given watches as presents.: everyone in my family has an OMEGA watch.


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