I was invited to the newest and a very exciting addition to the London’s jewellery scene – one of leading British jewellers from the North West of the country has opened up a debut store in London’s Marylebone, shortly to be followed by another one in sunny Palm Beach. Must visit if you are looking for affordable diamond jewellery.


There was a slight drizzle, as I strolled along the picturesque St Christopher’s Place, a narrow pedestrian street lined with an eclectic array of shops and restaurants, a stone throw’s from Selfridges in the heart of Marylebone.


The atmosphere in the air was already festive at the end of November, with a proliferation of exhuberant Christmas lights all lit up at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.


I was very happy for the welcoming refuge of the boutique from the cold and rain, where I was warmly greeted by the Steven Stones team, including Steven’s son Zack Stone, with smiles and a glass of champagne.


My attention was instantly caught by the exuberant jewels on show: sparkling diamonds and vibrant gemstones – emeralds, sapphires, tanzanites, and rubies amongst others!


At the back of the store, I was shown inside a workshop, where a London-based craftsman lovingly hand-makes some of Steven Stones pieces (the rest of Steven Stone collection is crafted in Hale North West of the UK).


Drop Diamond Earrings, bespoke – £55,000

Steven Stone is in fact one of the very few jewellers that fully manufacture in-house.


I was captivated by the a few solitaire diamonds ready to be set into future jewels caught my eye.


I was especially envious of the lucky woman who will be the future owner of the cushion- cut yellow diamond.


Yellow Diamond Marquise – £10,900 (1.20ct yellow diamond/ 0.70ct diamonds/ 0.22ct small yellow diamonds)

Exotic tanzanite cabochon and sapphire ring is one of their standout pieces, an exuberant cocktail ring, a piece that will certainly be the talking point at a party.


Rose Gold Tanzanite Cabochon Ring – £6,500 (6.30ct Tanzanite/ 3.56ct sapphire/ 0.57ct diamonds) and Aquamarine Marquise Ring – £4,100

I also loved this pair of gorgeous prasiolite earrings, a heat-treated amethysts and a rare stone in nature.


Prasiolite Drops – £3,500 (40.90ct Prasiolite / 0.60ct Pink Sapphire/ 0.72ct Diamonds)

I also loved their wide array of marquise cut stones – this cut is very classic yet slightly unusual: Recalling France’s golden age, “marquise” comes from Marquise of Pompadour, for whom King Louis XIV allegedly fashioned a stone to resemble what he considered her perfectly shaped mouth.


Pink Sapphire Marquise – £3,900 (1.52ct Sapphire/ 0.65ct diamonds) and Morganite Pear Ring – £2,800

Zack told me the ins and outs of the family-run business and his visions for the future of the company. Regardless of his young age, he has already been working with the company for 10 years, and has been the leading figure in creating their sleek e-commerse website, making purchasing of beautiful jewels even easier!


Steven Stone has a long and well-respected history in the UK jewellery business. The family run business was founded in 1937, as buyers of bullion specialising in Victorian and second hand jewellery, now in its third generation.


In this day and age they specialise in the manufacturing high quality diamond and gemstone pieces, be it either ready made or bespoke.


Tanzanite Marquise – £4,300 (3.51ct tanzanite/ 0.99ct diamonds)

All Steven Stone diamonds are 100% natural and come with a GIA certificate.


In addition, Steven Stone is well known as one of UK’s leading engagement ring supplier.


Baguette Diamond Cut Bracelet – £30,000 and Baguette Diamond Cut Ring – £9,500

Nowadays, they mostly have a British and Asia clients, but they are undergoing a rapid expansion.


Thanks for stopping by. Would you like to own a Steven Stone jewellery piece? Leave me a message in the comments below!


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