I visited the spectacular Shaun Leane showroom in Hatton Garden during the Couture Social Media takeover. Every year we look forward to Couture, one of the most important shows in the US luxury jewellery calender!


My  first meeting with Shaun Leane design was back in 2008 with the Boucheron “Queen of the Night design”. The designer was hand picked to create a one-of-a-kind piece to commemorate Boucheron’s 150th anniversary!


It’s the secret mechanisms that one can find in the Shaun Leane neck piece, these cleverly allow the gold flowers to open and close. And of course there is the fact that the necklace was set with my favourite stone – sapphire. Each of the blue sapphire buds wrap organically around the neck, they open to unleash the white diamond and ruby flowers within!

Shaun Lean

Shaun Lean began his career in London’s jewellery district of Hatton Garden at the age of 16. Here he worked for English Traditional Jewellery. Soon after, he set up his own workshop in Hatton Garden where he produced pieces for McQueen as well as for Van Cleef & Arpels, Garrard, Kutchinsky and Mappin & Webb!

Shaun Lean

In 1991, Shaun Leane began a partnership with Alexander McQueen to produce elaborate jewellery creations for their 1994 catwalk show ‘Highland Rape’. Since then Shaun worked closely with Alexander until 2010.

Shaun Lean

Shaun Leane and Alexander McQueen pushed the boundaries of jewellery possibility through their creations.

Shaun Lean

I can’t wait to take a step back in time, looking back at ‘Highland Rape’ and other shows at the V&A Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition in 2015. The exhibition will showcase the extraordinary talent of the late Alexander McQueen, in our eyes, undoubtedly one of the greatest British fashion designers.

Blow by Blow

You can also discover more on the amazingly creative working partnership between Shaun Leane and Alexander McQueen in the book ‘Blow by Blow- The Story of Isabella Blow’. One of my favorite Biographies and a brilliant read for anyone who loves fashion!


Shaun Leane is also renowned for the darkly romantic side found in his designs and beautifully crafted work.  Shaun Leane continues to employ traditional jewellery making techniques when making finely crafted yet progressive designs for his various Silver & Diamond collections.

Shaun Lean

During my visit, the amethyst earrings from the new Shaun Leane ‘Sabre Collection’ caught my eye instantly!

Shaun Lean

In a style true to the jewellery house’s signature look, knife edge contours and clean lines cleanly lend a graphic edge to the refined and timeless qualities of fine jewels.

Shaun Lean

These earrings are set in 18ct white gold with uniquely-cut facets of amethyst. There is an undeniably cubist dimension to the design that I love!

Shaun Lean

Shaun Leane has also collaborated with the likes of Marc Jacobs, as well as designing jewellery for iconic figures such as Isabella Blow, Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elton John to name but a few.

Shaun Lean

Summing up the Shaun Leane aesthetic is the modern romantic style found in the ‘Serpent’s Trace’ collection. It’s created to reflect the timeless notions of emotive beauty and intrigue. The Serpent’s Trace necklace is a striking objet d’art, made up of over one hundred intricately crafted spine-like vertebrae links. Each of the polished bone structures move in perfect harmony, the serpent’s head meets it’s body as it hangs around my neck.

Shaun Lean

There are Serpent’s Trace jewels for the wrist too! Here I wear delicate yellow, rose and white gold with diamonds.

Shaun Lean

Each glides bewitchingly on the skin, I adore how the diamonds glisten and flicker sensually with every move I make- these bracelets are jewelled elegance at it’s best!

Shaun Lean

It’s clear to see that Shaun Leane draws inspiration from street culture, the club scene and urban life. He aims to encompass these values in his work, producing jewellery that is more than just accessories. Each piece speaks volumes about the wearers style!

Shaun Leane

Choose your own diamond for your perfect bespoke engagement ring by Shaun Leane! I am thinking a 3 carat pink diamond. The House of Shaun Leane atelier is made up of highly-skilled artisans, designers and technicians, all trained and ready to create your dream piece!

Shaun Lean

Gemming a ring mould ready to be cast in gold!

Shaun Lean

This strikingly modern ring design is designed to sit over two fingers; the curve perfectly echoes that of the wearers’ hand. The ring can be worn as a single or double piece, the Sabre ring transforms from a minimal design to a maximalist fine jewellery statement.

Shaun Leane has broken away from conventional jewellery design. He has redefined the standards, playing and working with modern ideals of jewellery.

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