Packaging is always the first thing you see when buying jewellery, so it’s an important part of the experience. If it’s going to move you, it has to impress you. The Carousel Choker with butterflies from OUTHOUSE Jewellery comes in a feminine, pink and practical box that will serve to protect your purchase when you’re not wearing it. I found it was ideal for traveling too. I love to take statement, costume jewellery with me when I travel. It’s a great way to show off your personality without breaking the bank.

Leave a comment below if you think I am wearing this choker upside down!

This Carousel Choker from the Imago collection was just perfect for my trip to the Maldives. Tones of blue and green mimic the beautiful waters here and you know how much I love nature and butterflies. It’s a dramatic and eye-catching piece that is fun and vibrant to echo my holiday spirit. I can feel the essence of these beautiful creatures, as they carousel around my neck.

There’s something about chokers that gives them an air of dramatic glamour. And they are always on trend, despite their long and interesting history.

Quality costume jewellery like this is hard to find. Just take a look at the intricate, architectural design with its maze-like structure and channel set gemstones. Handmade by craftsmen in New Delhi, OUTHOUSE Jewellery Carousel Choker is crafted with dual plating of gunmetal and 22 carat gold, adorned with blue and green buy ventolin online pave-set crystal balls and iridescent pearls for a real tropical feel. It’s a magnificent backdrop for the butterflies to gather and dance their carousel. If worn upside down, it comfortably sits on your neck. Even the clasp is adjustable to fit all sizes – an important factor to consider when buying a choker. I find most of them are too big for my neck. It is, of course, nickel and lead free.

The IMAGO collection from OUTHOUSE is inspired by the fascinating transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. A symbolic collection that inspires us to think of our own personal journeys in life, and our butterfly moments when we transform ourselves into the best of our being. Those moments in life when self-reflection causes us to withdraw from the world, only to reappear as our reinvented selves – our best imagined self or IMAGO. These are the moments that light up our souls and make our hearts sing, as we grow in self understanding and consciousness and transform into the beautiful butterfly that exists in our imagination.

Outhouse Jewellery Carousel Choker is available online for £439.

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