Jewellery and its symbolic, personal meaning is different for everybody. What does it mean to you? Is it an expression of wealth or creativity? A status symbol or an emblem of beauty? An investment? An accessory? Is it craftsmanship, fashion, wearable art or design? Or is it a mixture of many things? Give it some thought and share your thoughts in the comments below.

This is the same greeting you’ll experience when you step inside the Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza – the City of Gold. About 60 kilometres west of Venice and the VICENZAORO jewellery fair where you last saw me curating jewellery, I had to make a stop at the recently opened jewellery museum in this beautiful part of Vicenza, famous for its precious metal trade.


Like GEMOLOGUE, Museo del Gioiello shares the same objective – to introduce you to the value and meaning behind jewellery, to show you jewels that will surprise you, arouse your curiosity and, I hope, awaken your desire to come back and discover more and more new and exciting discoveries.

Museo del Gioiello Vicenza is the first of its kind in Italy and one of a very few in the world dedicated solely to jewels! It is located inside Basilica Palladiana, the town’s medieval law courts, where the atmosphere is modern and minimalistic and the jewels take centre court. I think it is my favourite museum by far and not only because it is a jewellery museum. It has the vibe of a boutique museum, friendly and sparkly.


The museum is home to 400 pieces of jewellery in gold, silver, precious metals and stones, carefully displayed in nine halls. It is a beautiful illustration of the history of jewels through the ages and different cultures. From ancient works to classical and neo-classical to the modern and innovative, you’ll find it all here under one roof.


Upon my arrival, I couldn’t help but admire the jewellery shop with its selection of modern jewels and jewellery books. This cute, carrot pearl ring by Barbara Uderzo caught my fancy, because you know how much I love pearls and this piece is just so much fun! Museum shops are always great places to find something unique. My favourite curation of jewellery is in Victoria & Albert museum in London.


This always happens to me! Last year for LFW, I asked my friend the jeweller Maiko Takeda if she would lend me one of her futuristic pieces, something that would make me stand out in this intense fashion crowd and generate attention about the importance of jewellery. But all her pieces were headed to a museum exhibit. The very same piece I wanted to wear so bad I later saw during my visit to NYC to see the MET Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology exhibition. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming!



So when I saw this magnificent jewelled collar called Medically Prescribed Jewellery by Olga Noronha, I almost fainted! I had asked Olga to lend me this very same piece for LFW this year, but again it was on display in a museum! What’s wrong with me wanting to wear museum pieces! I should know better!


I was drawn to this breathtaking Nardi necklace with Kunzite, sapphire, emerald and diamonds in the photo below, and knew I just had to meet the designer himself.


So after my visit to VICENZAORO, I made a quick stop by water taxi to meet Mr Nardi in his boutique on Piazza San Marco. Keep an eye out for that article coming out soon.


From its very early beginnings when jewellery was something crafted from shells, stones and bones, it has represented something special.


It’s taken on many evolutions from crowns made of braided grass and leaves from the classical period to the precious metals we know today.


Jewellery connects people to the gods and protects them from negative forces.



Would you love to visit Museo del Gioiello Vicenza? Leave me a comment below! Thank you!

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