Mila Kunis sparkled like a princess in Fabergé jewellery at the Gemfields ruby launch, held at the luxurious Orangery, Kensington Palace on one of those rare English summer afternoons – “totally at peace with nature and the environment.” If you’re going to wear jewellery, better to know it’s ethically sourced.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

Our approach has set new benchmarks for environmental, social and safety practices, a fact of which we are very proud – Ian Harebottle, Gemfields CEO

If it’s a Gemfields stone, you have nothing to worry about. As the world’s leading supplier of emeralds and amethysts, Gemfields are well known for their fair and ethical standards. Now with the newly acquired ruby mines in Montepuez, Mozambique, the Gemfields tradition continues, as they lead the way in ethical mining and high-quality traceable jewels.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

As I pause to reflect for a moment in the beautiful palatial surroundings of Queen Anne’s Orangery, I can’t help but feel very proud of what’s happening in the jewellery business right now. It’s a privilege, as a jewellery blogger, to be invited to these events and be able to share this refreshing news with all of you.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

And I’m not alone. The best in the business turned out to this remarkable event to honour “the king of gemstones.” Rubies are the second most precious gemstone next to the diamond, and people will do most anything to acquire them – “many believed that rubies held the power of life and so were often carried into battle for protection.”

Mila Kunis Gemfields

Russian artist and jeweller, Maxim Voznesensky, in a splendid ruby-red cravat and signature hat, as the ladies in front share a moment.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

With Lesley Schiff, owner of my favourite jewellery boutique – Talisman Gallery in Harvey Nichols. They showcase the very best in contemporary jewellery from designers who rely on Gemfields for their high-quality, ethical gemstones.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

Having fun with one of my favourite Brazilian designers, the very talented Fernando Jordge, whose gorgeous designs feature Gemfields rubies and emeralds.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

Sharing a glass with the captivating Stephen WebsterShahrzad Moaven and Victoria Grant in the majestic surroundings of the Orangery gardens.

Mila Kunis Gemfields

All the while, the charming Marques Toliver plays his beautiful tunes in a style that can only described as “the music of now”.  Look at those shoes!

Mila Kunis Gemfields
But the real star of the show was the lovely Mila Kunis, Gemfields Ambassador.
Mila Kunis Gemfields

Dressed in elegant Fabergé jewellery from their Devotion Collection, Mila’s earrings are set with diamonds and 10 oval Mozambican rubies, totaling 9.32 carats. The ring from the same collection is a fabulous single 5-carat oval Mozambican ruby, set with diamonds. Mila’s stunning bracelet is from the Fabergé Regalia Collection and features 176 Mozambican rubies set with diamonds for a magnificent 17 carats.

Mila’s choice of an asymmetrical outfit by Antonia Berardi in white was an elegant choice to showcase these beautiful and ethical jewels.

Visit Gemfields online and learn more about ethical jewels, rubies, emeralds and amethysts

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