Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of getting married, and since my wedding is planned for 2018, I thought I’d better get a move on! Lucky for me, Emilia Wickstead has just launched a 10-piece collection for brides-to-be, so I had to book a consultation at Emilia’s luxurious bridal showroom on Sloane Street. I brought my girlfriends along with me to treasure this special moment. The experience did not disappoint. After a toast with chilled champagne, it was time to try on my first wedding dress.

You probably thought I would try on something elaborate or sparkly because I am a jewellery blogger after all! But I have something else in mind. Bridal trends can change overnight and so too can our perceptions change. That’s why I like Emilia Wickstead as she offers a wide range of classic and contemporary bridalwear to suit all personalities. Her signature silhouettes, voluminous with high necks and T-shirt bodices, capture the allure of the 50s Parisian salon. So chic, so now. The first collection includes nine dresses and one jumpsuit. Lots to choose from and all ready to try on! Keep reading to see which dresses I tried on. I’d love to know which ones you like the best. After showing the photos to my fiancé, it gave me a good idea of his favourite style. I still have to decide, but the Helene wedding dress was the one he thought suited me the best.

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of trying on wedding dresses and forget about the location of your wedding. Your wedding dress doesn’t just have to be the right one for you, it also has to fit in with your venue. I am dreaming about a beach wedding. We are still trying to decide which country, but it made me realise how it can affect your choice of wedding dress. From the length to the weight, if you’re getting married on a beach in a warm climate, a heavy ball gown is probably not the best option. Before this experience I never thought about these things and I feel it is important to share these revelations with you! So this post is dedicated to finding the right wedding dress for the venue. Simply follow these three steps…I definitely will!


Pick a venue first

It’s crucial to choose your venue before you decide on a dress, and it’s a great opportunity to take a trip to visit a few places. My dream of a beach wedding means I get to travel to my favourites beaches, but my fiancé and I are stuck between Trancoso and Tulum. So now we have no choice but to visit a few places to see which one will truly make our wedding day special. I’m a little cheeky that way!

Thank goodness I had my girlfriends to help me choose. Otherwise, I would have chosen the gorgeous dress I fell in love with that would’ve been great for a castle wedding somewhere in Italy or France, but there is no point in choosing a skirt with layers of tulle if you are dreaming of a beach wedding!

Pick your wedding dress according to season 

Which brings me to the obvious. Believe me, many brides have made this mistake, and I am one of them. Don’t forget which season you’re getting married in. Before you get lost in all those layers of tulle, if you’re getting married on the beach in a sunny climate, consider a lightweight, summer wedding dress. On the other hand, if you’re having a winter wedding, choose a heavier fabric and perhaps, long sleeves.

Plan logistics

Like any bride, I want to enjoy my wedding, which is why I am considering creating my own wedding dress, or even two dresses, plus a few more if the wedding celebration lasts over three days. It is tempting to have a princess moment and wow factor, but we all need to learn to be practical. Besides, your wedding day doesn’t end after the ceremony. Take my friends’ wedding in Mallorca. It was a church wedding, followed by a seated dinner in a hotel nearby. The bride chose an elegant wedding dress that she could easily tuck into her vintage Porsche, departing from the church in style in front of cheering friends and family. My wedding will be completely different and a bit less formal with lots of dancing, of course! Brazilians know how to throw a good party in the style of carnival madness. I am thinking beach, fire, and a good music! My wedding dress, therefore, must be comfortable for dancing. We don’t want a wardrobe malfunction on my wedding day!

Emilia Wickstead Margo Wedding Dress. This Emilia Wickstead Bridal dress features a bateau neckline and fitted silhouette.


Emilia Wickstead Helene Wedding Dress. This Emilia Wickstead Bridal dress features long sleeves, fitted bodice, and full length skirt. My fiancé’s favourite.

Emilia Wickstead Renee Wedding Dress. This Emilia Wickstead Bridal dress features puffed sleeves and draped detailing.

Emilia Wickstead Beatrice Wedding Dress.This Emilia Wickstead Bridal dress features a turtleneck and short sleeves.


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