For my review from Marbella today, I couldn’t resist the Black Seed Pearl Ring because of my love of pearls. A ring you can change to suit your mood (and of course, your outfit too!) with several interchangeable designs to choose from, the BLUSH & BASHFUL signet ring is a fun piece of jewellery for everyday wear.

Signet rings are as old as jewellery itself and once made an important cultural statement. They were engraved with a gentleman’s coat of arms or his initials and used with sealing wax to stamp letters of great importance, especially love letters. The receiver would instantly recognize the sender by the stamp made in the wax and know if the seal had been broken. So consider my review of the BLUSH & BASHFUL Black Seed Pearl Ring as my love letter to you.

The design I chose reminds me of my favourite 19th century mourning jewellery at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Its an innovative take on an old motif and I love what BLUSH & BASHFUL has done with it.

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Each piece is crafted by hand in the UK in eye-catching designs. Love the clean modern lines and how they come together with intricate details reminiscent of period jewellery. For an added touch of class, engraved on the reverse side is the iconic BLUSH & BASHFUL crest.

Each signet can be easily changed by a unique spring mechanism built into a distinctive silver setting. You can create your own collection to match your wardrobe and mood. I’d love to know which signet you like the best. Check out the signet collection on BLUSH & BASHFUL’s website and let me know in the comments.

BLUSH & BASHFUL’ Black Seed Pearl Signet is available online for £250

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