I spent the day in the best possible way- with Christmas cocktails and canapés at Astley Clarke boutique! The home and heart of Astley Clarke is tucked away in the unsuspecting cobbled Junction Mews in London W2, and this is where magic happens. However, since being a Jewelry blogger is about more than just enjoying ourselves, we also came to learn more about Astley Clarke signature personalised jewellery available online through their very chic website. Not only did we have our own personalised Astley Clarke bracelet engraved with our all time favourite word ‘GEM’, we also discovered Astley’s quintessential British lockets and diamond starburst collection. To complete our wonderful Astley Clarke experience, we caught up with Astley Clarke for an interview and found out about the designer’s perfect Christmas!


Astley Clarke starburst eternity ring is definitely my favourite eternity ring. It features a continuous loop of interlocking diamond pave stars, which remind me of snowflakes and add a real Christmas vibe to this ring. The look was completed with a starburst diamond pendant. Diamonds at Astley Clarke are a delicate and fine jewelled affair. For us, their designs take all things classical about diamonds and add a huge dose of modern with wearable style. The craftsmanship is painstakingly intricate too, with the smallest of precious gems set perfectly in each of the feminine jewels.


Flowers and jewelry is a timeless combination, one that will never go out of fashion!


A reflection of the classic pocket watch or diamond encrusted pendant, Astley Clarke lockets are created to have the same unique feel. We loved the ‘7 ‘o’ clock hinge, a part of the piece that keeps your secrets hidden from prying eyes! We learned that these lockets are not only clever, as well as elegant, but also a firm favorite among fans. They, like any of Astley Clarke pieces, are gifts that are always gratefully received.


Personalising GEM bracelet is the icing on the cake! A professional engraver is ready and waiting to personalise your bracelet.

We had the chance to watch the engraving process ourselves; the precision with which this is done is so captivating! The engraver must have the most amazing handwriting, as he engraves words so beautifully in gold and silver.


A huge Thank You to Astley Clarke for our amazing and cute Christmas gift: a personalised GEM bracelet. Once the piece was gold-plated, we received it beautifully wrapped in the finest hand-made paper, tied with a satin ribbon. Along with stunning designs, with these finer details, Astley Clarke sure knows how to put a smile on people’s faces!

During our amazing visit, we managed to catch up with Astley Clarke to find out more on her loves, inspirations, and just what makes her creativity tick!

In the morning… English Breakfast Tea

Born, Lived, Based… London. London. London

Grace Kelly or Grace Jones… Grace Kelly

Inspiration comes from… My family and my surroundings

The art of jewellery… is to ‘Go Precious Everyday’

Fashion role in your creativity… Enduring style not fashion

The biggest opposing force that you encountered on your creative journey…The Space-time continuum

Next… America

My perfect Christmas present… a Dior Handbag

Perfect Christmas is with… my children Thor & Delilah and my husband Chris

Perfect Christmas is at… Umbria, Italy. We have a house there.

Guilty pleasure… Hamburgers

Tech must-haves… Notepad & pen

Favourite fashion designers… Alexander McQueenVictoria BeckhamDiane Von Furstenburg

Books that changed your life… ‘If this is a man’ by Primo Levi

One way ticket to… Umbria, Italy

Favourite cities… Rome, Venice

Favourite hotels… Villa Serbelloni – Lake Como

Favourite gallery… MoMa (Museum of Modern Art)

Favourite restaurants… Anahi in Paris and Edera in London

Favourite boutiques… Good Earth, Bombay

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