Gone are the days of long and indulgent overseas travel. Today’s traveller prefers a mini-break lasting no more than 24 to 48 hours. It’s just enough time to immerse yourself in a new culture and change your outlook on life. That’s exactly what happened to me during Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is at the forefront of the Scandi jewellery trend. I was excited about learning more of this trend and layering myself in some expressive Scandi-style jewellery.

Behind this Scandi Cool Jewellery trend are sisters and founders, Pernille and Charlotte Møbjerg, who I caught up with at The Jewellery Room to get a glimpse of the most coveted Scandinavian jewellery brands at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

As part of this honour, I was delighted to tour the workshop and atelier of the great Scandinavian jewellery house Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, the Appointed jewellery designer for The Royal Danish Court. Here I learned the magic behind the Ole Lynggaard signature snake design, which I’m excited to share with you on GEMOLOGUE.

Afterwards, I made my way to the stylish Hotel Sanders in the historic centre of the city to talk more about Scandi jewellery with the lovely Pernille and Charlotte. It was an amazing day! Jewellery conversation to feed our souls and a splendid dinner by Sushi Lovers & Geranium afterwards at the newly launched Paustian Concept Store to nourish our bodies. I was surrounded by warm, happy energy and a room full of excited and hungry jewellery designers, bloggers, and press, eager to celebrate jewellery, art, and artisanship, and our fantastic hosts, Pernille & Charlotte Møbjerg.

The next day was an extravaganza of jewellery at The Jewellery Room Exhibition situated in the Danish auction house, Bruun Rasmussen. I was about to discover 20 contemporary Scandi designers and jewellery brands and change my perception of Scandi jewellery forever. I was thinking minimalistic, delicate and wearable. But the lovely founders of The Jewellery Room opened up my mind with their incredible selection of featured Scandi fine jewellery pieces. Travelling is a precious discovery of exciting, unchartered territory. I can’t wait to show you more and introduce you to my favourite brands,Vibe Harsloef, Pilgrim, LINE&JO.

My 24 hours were almost up. I had just enough time to head over to Shamballa Jewels and lunch with fellow globetrotter and co-founder, Mads Kornerup to learn more about Scandi jewellery. Lots of exciting things happening in this corner of Denmark that I can’t wait to return next year for the big reveal of their next project. Stay tuned!

Here are some of the things I discovered about Scandi jewellery during my 24 hours in Copenhagen.



Clean Lines

Clean lines and modern sophistication is the kind of style we’ve come to know and love from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Borne out of Constructivism, Functionalism, Minimalism and Surrealism, Scandinavian design has made its mark on jewellery as well. Expect to see bold, daring and unusual designs in precious gold metalwork that shout extreme fashion. Statement diamonds and gemstones give way to clean, soft designs with pearls popping up as a favourite in many pieces. Clean lines dominate shape, design, and form in Scandi jewellery.

Commitment to craftsmanship

Denmark holds a rich tradition of goldsmithing and incredible craftsmanship with a strong aesthetic. Scandi jewellery designers love to experiment with unusual forms and creations. Every single line and curve of this handmade jewellery comes to life in the skilled hands of local artisan craftspeople.

Less is more

The Danes are the first to tell you that their modest country has remained largely untouched by foreign and international influence. Having to rely on their own resources, they’ve developed a strong and confident style and a ‘less is more’ attitude to life. Scandi jewellery picks up on these inherent qualities. It’s never pretentious, always eye-pleasing and incredibly tactile. Understated luxury at its best.

Nature motifs

Scandi jewellery and the people who wear it express a perfectly natural style, inspired by the beauty of natural textures. They love pearls almost as much as I do, drawing inspiration from the miracle that creates these beautiful jewels. You can find more pearl inspiration in my gift guide on GEMOLOGUE.


Hygge is a Danish word for that special feeling you get during those moments of absolute bliss, when all the stresses of the outside world disappear. For me, Hygge is coziness and absolute relaxation, the kind of balance you feel when you wear fine, delicate Scandi jewellery. It also reminds you to appreciate the little things life has to offer with Scandinavian minimalist jewellery.

“It’s in the culture and in all that surrounds us. The sea, the nature and society are rooted deeply in the minimalistic way of living” – Charlotte Møbjerg

Layering and Stacking

Scandi cool jewellery was made for stacking and layering, with its varied transformations of simple metal jewels. How you mix and match these Scandi fine jewels will define your own individual style. Scandinavians are very good at putting their own twist on a look, especially layering. Get more tips on mastering the art of necklace layering from GEMOLOGUE.

“Fashion might show your style, jewellery is where you add the personality! You might wear what is trending just now, but your personal touch is the jewellery you add to it. This is also, why, jewellery is becoming a more and more important part of a “look” … like we mix H&M, Zara with Isabel Marant or Gucci, we now also mix Cartier with Pandora or Monica Vinader” – Pernille Møbjerg

Modern Woman in Mind

Another beautiful aspect of Scandi jewellery is that it’s made for everyday. I’d describe it as stylish practicality for the modern woman who cares about the planet, who is always on the go, chasing her dreams, looking fabulous and chic regardless. Sophisticated but laidback at the same time. Uncomplicated and easy to wear.

“Jewellery ALWAYS has a story to tell and jewellery lasts. It can be passed on to generations – and both story telling and “not fast consuming” play a bigger and bigger role in the values that we bring forward to our youth and kids” – Pernille Møbjerg

Sustainable And Fair Trade

Sustainability is the focus of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019. Within the fashion and Scandi jewellery world, you’ll find more and more design houses and Scandi jewellery brands caring about social responsibility and fair trade practices.

Thanks for stopping by! Do you like Scandinavian modernist jewellery? Let me know in the comments below! If you like jewellery events & fairs, you might also like yo discover my articles from Jewellery Arabia Bahrain and Masterpiece London!

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