From a different side of the world, I woke up in Vegas and to my luck, I found myself surrounded by shiny objects! I’m at the JCK Luxury show in Las Vegas again this year and this time I’m on the lookout for unique jewels to inspire you.

The JCK Luxury show truly is a bridal paradise. With so many engagement rings to choose from, it’s the perfect place to change your mind and upgrade to something bigger or different! Of course, I’m not thinking of doing this (yet!) I just got engaged in Venice and I can’t take my eyes off my own engagement ring. But it’s nice to dream.

You already know how much I love and recommend coloured diamonds from my earlier review of the Taylor & Hart Moi Et Toi engagement ring with yellow diamonds. This time, I was lucky enough to see some amazing examples of pink and even green diamonds, which I’ll share with you. Lucky owners of unique engagement rings love to explore other possibilities for their ears, necks, and fingers.

So sit back and enjoy this unique collection of some of the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewels from the JCK Luxury Show 2017. I’ve got interviews with some amazing jewellery designers, with some unique behind-the-scenes coverage of my Las Vegas experience.

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Lovely Erica was featured last year in 10 Jewellery Designers to Know from JCK Luxury Las Vegas. We talked about how she got started on her jewellery journey. If you’re an emerging jewellery designer, you’ll find Erica to be a great source of inspiration. Her unique use of paraiba tourmaline in unique designs adds a delicious layer of colour. I love paraiba tourmaline. It’s a blue that reminds of my favourite place in the Maldives. What makes it such a special gemstone? Tell me in the comments below.

As you might remember, I was the  face for the Meira T campaign for an international advertisement campaign and in Harrods. We shot the campaign in NYC overlooking Central Park. It was amazing. I’m so happy to be able to catch up with Meira T herself and see her fabulous new jewellery pieces. Talk about unique! She a pioneer of slices in  jewellery designs like this beautiful watermelon tourmaline slice pendant. If you’ve never seen a gemstone like this before, it’s called watermelon for a reason. An incredibly unique gemstone with a mouth-watering pink centre and delicious green outer layer, it looks good enough to eat. Tourmalines come in a wide range of exciting colours and are unlike any other in their colourful variety. I’m beginning to think it’s the Year of the Tourmaline!

Amongst all the most beautiful jewels, unique gemstones, and extraordinary diamonds, I found a talented artist by the name of Angie Crabtree. Her medium is the canvas. She paints diamonds and famous diamond cuts with the utmost precision. She’ll even create a painting of your very own diamond engagement ring to remind you of your wonderful husband. So when your mind starts to dream of bigger diamond engagement rings, you can just turn to your marvellous painting. Angie’s first commission was a five-foot-high diamond painting. Imagine! Don’t forget to check out her new Angie’s new line of iPhone cases before they sell out!

Close your eyes and repeat, “Dazzling brilliance. Captivating colour.” The planet’s most valued gems are fancy colour diamonds. My dreams come true, captured here by Uneek. This is the second green diamond I’ve ever seen. (The first time was at Harrods in London by Lorraine Schwartz). This green diamond is by Uneek Jewels and is one of a kind and unique. The most famous green diamond is the 41ct Dresden Green Diamond. It’s also the largest and the finest specimen for its truly unique colour.

But you know, I can’t just limit myself to coloured diamonds! My obsession for diamonds transcends colour! Just take a look at this 30-carat oval diamond from Rahaminov Diamonds, worth $6.4M. Any takers? Don’t be shy! My email is Funny enough, after I shared this unique diamond, I was asked to find a 50-carat diamond for a client. There are no limits to people’s imagination! With diamonds, it’s not always about the size but also the story behind them. Like the beautiful ring that Tamara showed me with two white diamonds and one yellow diamond to symbolize her three children (two girls and a boy). Clink on the link to see this magnificent ring.

In the middle of the interview with Brazilian Graziela, she mentioned whether I’d heard about the attacks in London that had just happened. My heart stopped and I quickly checked to make sure my Brazilian fiance and friends in London were alive and well. After a glass of water, we continued the interview. From my experience, I know the best jewellery pieces are always hidden away from view. So I persuaded Graziela to share them with me. Wouldn’t you know it, she revealed a unique collection of paraiba tourmaline slices in pendants and rings. Every slice is a piece of art created by Nature with such precious beauty.

Talk about unique! You won’t believe it when I tell you about this next jewellery designer. The Mark Henry Alexandrite Jewellery Collection is a beautiful homage to a once forgotten and unique jewel, the alexandrite. You’ll have to watch the video to find out why the alexandrite gemstone is so unique. This amazing jewel changes colour and has been described by gem aficionados as an emerald by day, and a ruby by night. It was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s and named after Czar Alexander II. Nowadays, you can only find it in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. Finding alexandrite of this quality is exceptionally rare and valuable. If you are Russian, go take a look inside your grandma’s jewellery box. You never know your luck. You might discover an alexandrite yourself.

Like mother like daughter, the fabulous Laura Medine (mother of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller) has a fashion sense that comes out in her jewellery. Inspired by Milan, her unique creativity, and her home away from home, Laura loves to work with moonstone for its mysterious, unearthly glow, which looks amazing on the skin. With a fashionable aesthetic and attractive shape, you’ll get lost in the Laura’s creations and the allure of her beloved moonstone. Just like me, Laura believes in the inherent transformative power of all gemstones and how they can affect the mood and emotions of the wearer.

I always wanted my name in diamonds and now, thanks to Aero Diamonds, I can and so can you! I can’t imagine how persvasive and stubborn  a designer must be to cut a diamond perfectly for each individual letter. Where there’s a will, there’s power. The diamond alphabet is a unique creation. I was lucky to interview the brains behind Aero Diamonds; an incredible woman I hope to see more of! You can watch my interview above. I love the Aero Diamonds’ floating diamonds. They really captured my imagination. It’s fine jewellery you never take off and becomes a part of who you are. You can add another diamond to the necklaces and bracelets for those special moments in life when you achieve something amazing. Unique, just like you!

It’s the story of my life, finding the best jewellery hidden away from the public eye. But if I ask nicely, I always manage to reveal the most beautiful pieces of jewellery in the world, just for your viewing pleasure! So here’s a rare glimpse of some fabulous paraiba tourmaline jewels, like these earrings. I will dream about these earrings every night and imagine myself wearing them on the beaches of the Maldives. Such a perfect gemstone for the most beautiful place. Sutra Jewels have paraiba tourmaline jewels to match the beautiful turquoise waters of the Maldives and Tulum, my two favourite destinations. Read my Travel Guide To Tulum and discover this magical place for yourself. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous colours of the Maldives and check out my Maldives Fashion Style.

This year’s JCK Luxury Las Vegas has been another unique experience with some rare beauties I hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

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