Today, I reviewed a dainty pair of RUIFIER rings: Visage Pearl Eyes Ring and Visage Pink Crescent Ring.

Value for money 
Jewelry Review

First of all, lets start with the lavish packaging around the pair of rings, which I received with my order… Very impressive indeed, and I felt like a little girl opening her biggest Christmas present!

Jewelry Review

I absolutely love RUIFIER’s playful approach to fine jewellery design; their pieces are an epitome of everyday luxury. Over the last few years, staring most notably with Repossi’s fresh and youthful approach to contemporary jewellery design under the creative leadership of Gaia Repossi, I have seen a real explosion in fine, yet fun jewellery. Nowadays, jewellery is not all about big precious stones and the weight of gold; on the contrary, we want exciting designs accompanied with great craftsmanship. RUIFIER’s Visage collection, consisting of stackable rings and necklaces, is the perfect example!

Jewelry Review

The separate two rings that I am wearing consist of Pearl Eyes and Pink Crescent rings from the RUIFIER’s Visage collection, which can be worn either on their own, or stacked together to form a smiley face, if you are in a good mood, or an un-smiley face, if you are not! I love how the design of the face motif is very Art Deco, which makes it contemporary and somewhat classic at the same time.

Jewelry Review

These two rings will certainly add a touch of luxurious elegance to your everyday style. The  Pearl Eye ring consists of a pair of small, yet sumptuous pearls for eyes, surrounded by glittering white diamonds for eyebrows, all set in 18kt gold, whereas the Pink Crescent ring is a half-circle of brilliant little rubies set into rose gold.

Jewelry Review

Exquisite pieces from the Visage collection can be creatively juxtaposed in playful combinations, where you pick your stacking pieces according to the mood of the day. These pieces are certainly collectable, and much more original than perhaps your traditional charm bracelet.

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*Photographed by Flit Photography. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. Makeup by Geraldo Frazao . Hair by Simone Bagala. 

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