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Harper's Bazaar Liza Urla

Harper's Bazaar Liza Urla













12 JEWELRY BLOGGERS YOU’LL WANT TO FOLLOW – Liza is a multicultural jewelry blogger and professional gemologist.  Her blog is exceptional – and not just because of its super cool title.   It is professionally pieced together and is presented in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.  She travels the world to document her jewelry findings and interviews A-list celebrities, designers, and fashion models.  In this blog, you will see beautiful imagery of Liza modeling all types of jewelry. Congratulations on the Best Fashion Blog in the UK Blog Awards this year Liza. Love & Pieces

TOP 5 MOST INFLUENTIAL FINE JEWELRY BLOGS – This is the blog for those love jet-setters.  Previously known as Gem-A-Porter, the blog changed its name to Gemologue, which celebrates a dialog of gems. Of these five sites, Liza’s blog is the most like a fashion industry blog, incorporating gorgeous fine jewelry flawlessly with street style photographs.  It has a modern magazine style layout which has articles and pictures from all over the world. This blog ties together the latest fashion trends with the latest fine jewelry trends quite nicely.

5 JEWELLERY BLOGS – A multicultural blog written in both English and Brazilian Portuguese, full of stunning jewels from around the world! International Jewellery London

TOP 5 JEWELLERY BLOGS  This is the blog for those who are or wish to be a jet setter.  You can search through the jewelry posts by city, making for a blog that not only makes you want to buy jewelry but also to travel.  Of these five sites, Gem-a-Porter’s blog is the most like a fashion industry blog, incorporating gorgeous fine jewelry flawlessly with street style photographs.  It has a modern magazine style layout which has articles and pictures from all over the world.   This blog ties together the latest fashion trends with the latest fine jewelry trends quite nicely.  About.com

TOP 10 FAVOURITE BLOGS TO CHECK OUT – GEM-A-PORTER you can gather a little from the name what you will find here. Articles brimming with up to date info on the jewellery world. New designers, trends and accounts that all us enthusiasts should be following. Renne Jewellery

LOVE GOLD CONTRIBUTOR – Discovering beautiful jewels is the raison d’être of Gem-A-Porter, letting her passion lead her to all corners of the world. Writer, Liza Urla’s multicultural upbringing has given her an eclectic taste for the unusual and unique, with a keen eye for emerging new talent and a soft spot for heritage names.

OUR FAVOURITE JEWELLERY BLOGS – We had the pleasure of meeting the girls from Gem-A-Porter a few months ago at Treasure London, where they kindly featured us as part of their round up. We love the photography style and are even more dumbfounded by the fact that every post is written in English, Russian and Brazilian Portugese. Impressive stuff huh? Anna Lou of London

THE TOP 3 CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY BLOGS – Written in three languages; English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, this blog feeds the minds of gem lovers across the globe. Gem-A-Porter was established in 2008 by talented Russian Gemologist Liza Urla, who beautifully marries exquisite photography with unique and fascinating finds. Browsing the pages will not only give you a hankering for ‘blingin’ jewels but also a sudden need to take up the jet-setting life. With just one click of the mouse, you are instantly taken to major jewellery cities around the world where you can indulge in their sumptuous offerings. Urla’s keen eye has bestowed Gem-A-Porter with a stylish yet refined edge that effortlessly combines luxury, creativity and upcoming talent into one delightful package. Once you open the website, it’s like Christmas and all your birthdays all rolled into one! Benna

THE 5 BEST JEWELRY BLOGGERS OF 2014 – I find that Gem-A-Porter has a very unusual feel to it. They showcase more than 100 different jewelry designers and give great information on showcases and exhibitions. This blog is run out of London, New York City, and Rio de Janeiro, but they have contributors from all over the world. They post fun, funky, and unusual finds from vintage dealers and designers. They work a lot with many unusual finds but manage to show great style while working any piece into every kind of lifestyle. Larson Jewelers

 4 JEWELLERY BLOGS TO FOLLOW FOR INFORMATION AND INSPIRATION – You can sometimes find this multi lingual (written in both English and Brazilian Portuguese) blog in Harrods, London and such lovely places, but you will always find it on the tip of every jewellery lovers tongue. Original, fresh and always on trend, this blog is amongst our favourites due to the vast amount of content and interviews produced.  This makes for great reading. Gem A Porter discusses events, people, places and of course the jewellery worn at all of the above. The multicultural feel of the blog is mirrored in the many articles about beautiful jewels from around the world.


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