What do I wear to one of the world’s most spectacular wedding extravaganzas? Most of last week I was contemplating how to accessorise my outfit to attend a very exclusive wedding show, Quintessentially Atelier, at the Dorchester. As soon as I laid my eyes on Kamyen Jewellery diamond-encrusted hand chain, I knew this breathtakingly beautiful piece would make me or anyone else sparkle and shine on a wedding day, so it was absolutely perfect for the occasion!

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The Kamyen Jewellery hand piece consists of finely cut hearts, marquises and rounds, with an arresting two-carat emerald cut diamond in the centre stealing the show. All the stones are set within a fine chain crafted from rose and white gold.

Value for money 

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Like other Kamyen Jewellery’s pieces, which are always bespoke, this hand chain is of the finest craftsmanship. This design makes the most of the diamonds: their shape, the way they shine under the light and their ability to embellish the skin of the wearer. When you wear this exquisite hand chain,  diamonds embrace your skin, almost becoming a part of your hand. The piece is delicate, extremely comfortable and virtually unnoticeable when you put it on.  The sparkling diamonds will captivate others as you are moving your hands, either by gesturing while you speak or perhaps dancing seductively. The dainty shapes of smaller diamonds are reminiscent of nature, and particularly relevant for a jewel to be worn in the spring!

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Throughout the evening as I meandered about this dreamy wedding emporium looking at the a hand-picked selection of designers, florists, gastronomes and photographers, I was receiving endless complements about my gorgeous Kamyen Jewellery hand chain. Kamyen Jewellery jewel is the ultimate piece to make me feel like the perfect bride at the show and blend in seamlessly with all the flowers, silks and other diamonds abound.

Kamyen Jewellery hand chain is a fusion of classic and contemporary designs. This seemingly understated, yet very luxurious hand chain, will make the perfect romantic gift, regardless if the lucky woman is a bride-to-be or not!

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Kamyen Jewellery diamond hand chain with 2 carat emerald cut GIA H VS2, 12.67 carats of diamond and 17.19 grams of gold  is available by appointment for $30,000.



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*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. 

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  • This Kamyen Jewellery Diamond Bracelet is a beautiful find. I certainly agree that it’s a perfect piece for a wedding or any special occasion for that matter, especially given its bespoke design. I always find the arrangement of rose gold and silver to be an exquisite and romantic combination. The floral and heart detailing perfectly reflects the spring season upon us. The design is a stunning intertwining of modern and classical. It’s timelessly elegant design is a perfect piece to add to ones collection.