Let me introduce you to some of the most inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing. I call them my Gem Squad because of our mutual interest in the fascinating world of jewellery. These captivating women are artists in their own right and have a very special place in my heart. Their compelling stories, the places they’ve seen and lived, and the jewellery they’ve loved has had an empowering effect on me. I’m so honoured to be able to share these stories with you, my dear readers, in my Gemologue series called GEM TALKS.

Here’s a taste of what to expect – what I like to call, The Magnificent Eight! or 8  Exquisite Engagement Rings For 8 Magnificent Women. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Mine! A three-oval diamond ring, inspired by a vintage Tiffany model from the 1920s. My husband and I have sourced the stones together, before designing and crafting the ring in London. MORGANE DE RODELLEC DIGITAL MARKETER & ANYTHING-BLUE CO-FOUNDER

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White and pure diamond. The size is less important than its quality.  EVA LANSKA, WRITER
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The one Ara my husband and jewellery designer gave me!  Deep inside, I think an engagement ring needs to be very special and not necessarily a white Diamond. SABRINA GASPERNIN VARTANIAN, BRAZILIAN MODEL & DESIGNER
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I think Graff. A ring that incorporates a yellow diamond. I am not sure how big I would want it to be… I definitely want a new ring, not something that has been around. I do not want an heirloom; getting your fiance’s mother’s ring is sweet, but I want something completely of my own. NATASHA NDLOVU, BISOUS NATASHA FOUNDER & MODEL
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To be honest, we’ve spent quite a lot of time looking for a ring that I would like. Eventually, after having visited all possible fashion capitals, I followed my good friend’s advice and I decided to order a ring from the jeweller of Savvy and Sand, based in Hatton Gardens. I elaborated the design myself and after 6 weeks I got exactly what I wanted. SHOLPAN SHARBAKOVA MILLER, CLASSICAL PIANIST & CONTEMPORARY ARTIST

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The same one that Brad Pitt gave to Angelina Jolie, which he designed jointly with L.A. jeweller Robert Procop, containing 16 carats of emerald-cut diamonds! OLGA NIKOLSKAYA, WIDE SEA NO ANCHOR TRAVEL BLOGGER

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Perfect engagement ring would be the one offered with a man’s heart because of the message it conveys. Ideally there would be two: a statement and a miniature. A statement doesn’t need to be worn every day for public display. I’d rather have a bold statement that I’d wear in a security of my man alone. Design wise it’s a question of taste and it’s a great opportunity to create a connection with a family jeweller and create a first bespoke piece. Of the Bond Street engagement rings I’ve seen on display I liked Harry Winston’s Belle ring for its lightness and a few simple setting Graff pieces for the stones.

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I once saw a 4 carat solitaire princess cut diamond ring in a Cartier display… A jewel that has captured my heart!  RANEEM KHALID BAGEDO, SAUDI IN LONDON FOUNDER & STUDENT
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