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Sabrina Gaspernin Vartanian is a Brazillian supermodel-turned-head designer behind fine jewellery brand Sabrina by Ara Vartanian, whose fans include Kate Moss and Lara Stone. Sabrina is epitome of quintessential Brazilian woman of beauty and taste: she is gorgeous, elegantly dressed, family-oriented, very down-to-earth and charming. She shatters the stereotypical image of a Brazilian flamboyancy and exuberance.

Prior to founding her eponymous brand, she was a successful model for over a dozen years, fronting numerous campaigns for well-known Brazillian brands. Here she tells us about her drastic career transtition, as well about her love for diamonds and paraiba tourmalines!

Name: Sabrina Gaspernin Vartanian

Alma Mater: Univesity if Life

Occupation: Designer & model

Hometown: Caxias do Sul, Brazil

LOCATION AT TIME OF INTERVIEW:  At Ara Vartanian’s private viewing event in Chelsea. I simply like walking around in London; the architecture is completely different from Brazil. It is my third time in London, so I am new to the city. I usually come this time of the year, because of the nice weather. We had a nice dinner at Scalini yesterday.

Sabrina Gaspernin

IN THE BEGINNING: I moved to Sao Paolo at 17 to start modelling. I have just finished school. I worked as a model for 13 years. I worked with many Brazilian brands; I was the face of Lenny Niemeyer. I did catwalks, photo shoots, campaigns. I had a lot of fun!


SAO PAULO OR RIO: I was born in the South of Brazil, but now I live in Sao Paolo. I often go to Rio, because I absolutely love it! The beach is amazing: you can take a walk along it before work and drink in the beautiful views. Not something that you can do in Sao Paolo. Restaurants in Sao Paolo are very good. My favourite spots include Celeiro in Rio and Fasano and Shin Zushi in SP.

Sabrina Gaspernin

JEWELLERY JOURNEY: When I was modelling, I started taking private lessons from a jewellery artisan. I could not attend a jewellery design school, because it was impossible for me to have a routine with my job. My interest in jewellery design stemmed from my love for vintage jewellery. Jewellery is a passion. Something that I fell in love a long time ago.  I founded my jewellery brand Sabrina by Ara Vartanian eight years ago. It is now sold in several locations: Fivestory in New York, Broken English in New York and LA.

GEM STYLE: I like pieces that I can wear every day and on every occasion. Essentially a piece that you never need to take off. I also like to mix them with statement pieces from my husband’s one-of-a kind line.

TOPSHOP OR CHANEL: I am somewhere in between. I like to mix high street with designer. Today I am wearing a Balmain jacket, J Crew T-shirt, Helmut Lang leather trousers, Miu Miu shoes. I wear a lot of white and black t-shirts: I suppose they are my style signifiers. My favourite fashion brands are BalmainChloeCarvenLanvin and Paula Raia. My favourite beach wear brands: Lenny Niemeyer and Jo de Mer.

Sabrina Gaspernin

ONLINE SHOPPING:  I shop online a lot, and I absolutely love eBay! I look for clothes, shoes, bags, everything! I am very spontaneous shopper, but I am not a shopaholic. I am very specific with what I want.

FIRST JEWELLERY: A ring that my grandmother gave me on my 15th birthday, because it is such an important age in Brazil. A round diamond ring in rose gold…

Sabrina Gaspernin

JEWELLERY BOX: I have a simple jewellery box, covered in hand – embroidered fabric from Portugal. It is very special to me.

PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING: The one Ara gave me!  Deep inside, I think an engagement ring needs to be very special and not necessarily a white Diamond.

Sabrina Gaspernin

VINTAGE JEWELLERY:  I have always loved vintage jewellery and used to buy a lot. I find the history behind every piece captivating. I particularly have a soft spot for Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces. In Brazil, you can find some stunning pieces at vintage fairs. My favourite place in Sao Paulo for vintage jewellery is Glidden Gannon.

Sabrina Gaspernin

ROLEX OR CARTIER: Rolex. I like their vintage models. Sometimes I borrow one of my husband’s watches. I mostly wear watched on special occasions. Wearing a watch on a daily basis is too dangerous in Brazil.

FASHION JEWELLERY: I do not wear fashion jewellery.

JEWELLERY TREND: Two-finger rings.

Sabrina Gaspernin

MEN JEWELLERY: I like rings on men.

JEWELLERY AS AN INVESTMENT: A good stone is always a  great investment: either a  diamond or Tourmalina Paraiba. My favourite stones are white opals and white diamonds.  I like coloured diamonds very much as well.

Sabrina Gaspernin

PERFECT GETAWAY: Big Sur in California is gorgeous. The nature is spectacular. Sometimes we rent a house in the North of Brazil.


WEAPON OF CHOICE: three finger rings.

WILD WISH: I would love to surf a big wave! I am a big fan of surfers and I would like to handle the waves myself. I am inspired by the surfers in Big Sur.

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