A few days ago I clapped my eyes on a pair of show stopping sterling silver jhumka earrings moulded into a gorgeous peacock design – the perfect icebreaker, either at a party or on a date! And the best thing about them? The price: they are yours at £152! It is so refreshing to come across something so exquisite and something that will not break the bank, especially if you live in London like me.

Design  3 Stars
Value for money 5 Stars
Showstopper 5 Stars
Durability 5 Stars
Craftsmanship 3 Stars
Investment 2 Stars

Under the creative leadership of Shivani Sehgal, the brand’s head designer, Zevar jewellery is crafted from sterling silver and semi-precious stones by selected artisans across India. Zevar celebrates the incredible and vibrant diversity of Indian culture and showcase its finest traditions. Zevar was incepted in January this year as Shivani travelled back to India to look for inspiration and to put together a team of talented artisans who would realise her designs.


Zevar’s key attributes peacocks are extremely popular subjects for artisans across all trades in India – be it either paintings, sculpture or jewellery. This particular bird is also the native of Rajasthan, the region in Northern India. One of her greatest inspirations is the magnificent City Palace in Jaipur brimming with brilliant peacock designs, and an edifice everyone must set their foot in at least once in their lifetime!


Zevar peacock earrings are certainly the best example of jhumkas I have yet come across: traditional chunky silver earrings from Rajasthan. However, since they feature a peacock design, which is rather unusual, they are jhumkas with a unique and modern twist. What a dazzling addition to your jewellery box!


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*Photographed by Flit Photography. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla

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