The Jewels Of… is a new series by GEMOLOGUE, featuring my latest discoveries from the world’s most exciting jewellery designers and their spectacular creations – stunning jewels you will want to add to your own personal jewellery collection. Discover why I love The Jewels Of Carolina Bucci.

THE DESIGNER: The Bucci family have been in the jewellery business since 1885, when Carolina’s great grandfather opened up a workshop in Florence repairing watches, later becoming a producer of fine jewellery for other brands. Now based in London since 2003, Carolina Bucci has her own line of jewellery, inspired by her family’s rich history. A student of the Marymount School for Studio Arts, and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for jewellery design, Carolina says her family history makes her the jeweller she is today. Family is a huge inspiration for Carolina. Check out the most adorable Bambini collection, inspired by the birth of her first son.

THE DETAILS: You might be familiar with Carolina Bucci ‘s sweet signature Lucky bracelets. Hand-woven from 18-karat gold and coloured silk threads, these beauties were inspired by those iconic childhood friendship bracelets. Like this first jewellery collection, Carolina Bucci’s pieces are playful and designed for self-purchase. Crafted to perfection with a modern Italian aesthetic, they showcase what she calls, “respect for the old while grasping the new.”

WHY I LOVE IT: Every jewel in Caroline Bucci’s collection  is adorable and very personal.  There are no random designs or colours. Even her candles are divine. Her memories and experiences are intertwined into each of her designs. I feel Carolina Bucci’s presence in every jewel in the collection, right down to the packaging and inspiring boutique. I love how she spent all day and night covering the walls with her inspirations for the special event I attended at Berkeley Square. This place made me feel like I am in Carolina’s world,  inside her imagination, surrounded by her favourite objects from her childhood in Italy.



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