Today, I reviewed a gorgeous Shagreen & Tortoise Pink Delight Shell Ring in collaboration with Wolf & Badger.

Value for money 

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth and that incorporates a small piece of the natural world, then Shagreen & Tortoise shell ring may be the perfect jewel for you.

Shagreen & Tortoise

Shagreen & Tortoise Pink shell ring is the quintessential piece of jewellery as art. This ring is not about diamonds and precious metals, instead it is about craft and love that is put into each piece. Every one of rings by Shagreen & Tortoise is entirely hand-made in Paris by Marie-Helene Loubrielle, the designer behind Shagreen & Tortoise, and is one of a kind. All the shells are carefully hand-picked for their aesthetic beauty, and stones are sourced from Jaipur.

Shagreen & Tortoise

Shagreen & Tortoise ring evokes nostalgia, a sentimental longing for halcyon days of a childhood. It reminds us of family holidays spent by the sea; it awakens memories of running down a beach of soft white sand, of swimming in clear seawaters, and of building mighty sand castles.

Shagreen & Tortoise

The ring is made from a lovely, fan-shaped Flexopecten glaber rosea seashell, ethically sourced from the Philippines. A rose cut piece of Blue Chalcedony has been set into the shell: a demure crystal of soft blue translucence, known to have calming properties and speaking of spirit and trust. The ring is finished in 18K gold vermeil over silver.

Shagreen & Tortoise

The ring is easily adjustable in size, making each piece fit almost all fingers! This piece does not come across as fragile, and we think it will last a lifetime, making this an excellent and unusual investment, as well as adding some playful diversity to your jewellery box.

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*Photographed by Flit Photography. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. Makeup by Geraldo Frazao . Hair by Simone Bagala. 

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