The Jewels Of… is a new series by GEMOLOGUE, featuring my latest discoveries from the world’s most exciting jewellery designers and their spectacular creations – stunning jewels you will want to add to your own personal jewellery collection. Discover why I love The Jewels Of FREYWILLE.


FREYWILLE began in the beautiful city of Vienna in 1951 under the creative direction of artist Michaela Frey, whose fire enamel technique brought to light many decorative pieces. Michaela eventually focused her talents solely on creating jewellery and by 1970, she had teamed up with brand visionary, Dr. Friedrich Wille. Since Michaela’s death in 1980, FREYWILLE has remained at the forefront of fire-enamel jewellery under the business genius of Dr. Wille and the creative direction of Simone Grünberger. A student of Vienna’s University of Applied Arts, Simone graduated in metal design and focused her talents on revolutionizing the fire-enamel technique. I know the brand well from my days spent living in Vienna. That was before I moved to NYC to study gemmology. Today, FREYWILLE can be found all over the world in 100 different boutiques in the best locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.


Applying layer after layer of fire-enamel, it takes as many as 100 manual steps to capture the intensity of colour and delicate design of each FREYWILLE jewellery piece. Crafted in Vienna, each collection is unique and shows an enthusiasm for pure art, a respect for the great paintings of the Masters, and a philosophical passion for life and humanity.

Inspired by love, joy, passion and the paintings of the Masters, we have created a new category in jewellery. FREYWILLE combines important art and the fashionable elegance of timeless jewellery pieces. What we have created underlines our admiration for art, history and the great Masters and puts focus on our own creative and power. Dr Friedrich Wille


FREYWILLE has a style that is unique and admired by many jewellery lovers. As hand-crafted jewellery, each piece is a true work of art. I love the perfect fusion of beauty, practicality and affordability – characteristics so rarely found together in jewellery. One of their latest collections is dedicated to my favourite artist, Alphonse Mucha, who is considered the 20th Century Master of Art Nouveau. Now I can adorn myself in the familiar Art Nouveau motifs of the dragonfly and butterfly, so beautifully depicted in bold pieces full of dreamy, nature-inspired references.

Pendant Luna Piena Hommage À Alphonse Mucha Poésie D’amour £687


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