Such an exciting time at Paris Haute Couture week that I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m going to show you some of the most exquisite jewels from the world’s most famous haute jewellery houses.

Twice a year this magnificent event takes over the City of Love. It’s a time where fashion designers and jewellery designers come together to showcase their haute collections. It was going to be a jam-packed schedule of previewing the latest high jewellery collections from more than 20  jewellers.

I spent the week hopping from suite to suite at the Ritz Paris Hotel, and from boutique to boutique at the Place Vendome for an exclusive sneak peek of these magnificent haute jewellery collections, a privilege only reserved for jewellery editors and their clients. My evenings were filled with after parties and rubbing elbows with the most respected and talented designers in the business.

But the best part is, I got to try on some of the most exquisite haute jewellery I’ve ever seen, and even modeled some of my favourite pieces for clients. I can’t wait to share with you the superbly distinctive designs I saw, and the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative skill that goes into each piece. You’ll see some of the finest and rarest gems the world has to offer. What you won’t see is the band of security guards that surrounded me every time I tried on a piece! I’ve never felt so perfectly safe and pampered in Paris!

What I love the most about these High Jewellery collections is the stories each piece has to tell. These collections are the highest form of jewellery-making in existence. Each collection showcases the jewellery house’s skill at sourcing the most extraordinary gemstones the world has ever seen, and the highest level of craftsmanship, innovation, and design imaginable. So grateful to be part of this experience, and to be able to share with you all the inspiration and stories behind these phenomenal haute jewellery collections.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 1 – Spend the day with me at the Avenue Montaigne offices of Christian Dior, and step into a secret garden that sets the stage for their lavish new collection of floral jewellery, inspired by the gardens of Versailles.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 2 – You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Paris right onto the beaches of the Riviera with CHANEL Fine Jewelry and their new Flying Cloud collection. An elaborate beach scene with sand and beach chairs to evoke the spirit of the Riviera, you’ll be inspired by CHANEL’s new haute collection.

PARIS COUTURE WEEK DAY 3 – Hop over to the Mediterranean now, and lose yourself in the sounds of tropical birds and the beautiful colours of exotic flowers. This is the world of Giampiero Bodino and his latest haute jewellery collection. You’ll completely forget you’re in Paris at the Ritz Hotel!

Enjoy this rare treat and let the fun begin! And don’t forget to share with me your thoughts in the comments below, so I can bring you more of what excites you in the world of haute jewellery.


The morning started unexpectedly in the darkness on the beach with sand and beach chairs at the Place Vendome. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s love affair with the second Duke of Westminster that began in 1923 aboard his stunning yacht called The Flying Cloud, the collection envisions a nautical theme with epaulettes to tattoos and sailor’s knots to sparkling sapphires and diamond waves. I love this theme. A truly mesmerizing experience and an incredible high jewellery presentation.


Back at the Ritz, I’m surrounded by lotus and jasmine flowers, sparkling stars and constellations, influenced by the Mughal era under the artful design of Nirav Modi. This haute jewellery collection celebrates the magnificence of the Maharajas and the impressionist movement, and captures a light and rhythm and a distinct style of airiness and opulence.

I love how lithe and fluid these pieces are, as light as silk and modern to wear. Jasmine cut diamonds in various shapes add to the elegant fluidity of this collection, a signature of Nirav Modi. Unique Jasmine diamond cut make them sparkle in a way that enhances the light and character of each individual stone, while the knife edged setting makes the diamonds appear to float in the air. Minimal metal is used in the diamond setting, giving the jewel an ethereal appearance.


My next high jewellery adventure took place at the Mandarin Oriental, with its stunning views and a glass of bubbly in my hand I didn’t waste any time in picking out my favourite pieces. Alisa Moussaieff took inspiration from history and the 1868 magnificent gems of the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The central stone gave way to her show-stopping titanium, diamond and Paraiba tourmaline Peacock Feather necklace that I was lucky enough to try on. All of Moussaieff pieces demonstrate a beautiful and timely reminder of how closely linked haute joaillerie and haute couture are. After all, fashion goes hand-in-hand with jewellery. I could not take my eyes off of the deep pink diamonds, necklaces of mixed pastel diamonds, huge Paraiba tourmalines and mixed spinels.


The De Beers Salon in Paris was completely transformed into a serene landscape to showcase the new High Jewellery Collection, Lotus by De Beers. This collection is inspired by the lotus flower that opens and closes from dawn to dusk in a display of natural wonder and beauty. As the sun reaches its zenith, the lotus flower transforms from a simple bud to a perfect bloom. My favourite piece was a De Beers ring with rough diamonds alongside white and coloured diamonds that took over a year to source.


It was a pleasure catching up with my favourite jewellery family, Buccellati, at the Place Vendôme. The new Buccellati High Jewellery creations are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase an inexhaustible passion for technique and design. It is why Buccellati are admired all over the world, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. In their pursuit of elegance and driven by a desire to push the boundaries on creativity and savoir-faire, Buccellati never fails to impress. Each design is a revival of extreme taste and exceptional jewels using traditional goldsmithing techniques that experiment with avant-garde designs.


I entered the secret world of Van Cleef & Arpels at L’ECOLE Van Cleef & Arpels where the visible and invisible meet in their latest Haute Jewellery collection, Le Secret. Le Secret collection takes Van Cleef & Arpels traditional elements of design, the personal talisman or lucky charm, and elaborates upon it to present a line of transformable jewellery imbued with secret messages, hidden motifs, and playful moving parts known only to the giver and the very lucky receiver. Inspired by nature and symbols of luck and love, Le Secret collection includes over a hundred unique, enchanting pieces that will take your breath away.

CHANEL High Jewellery presentation.

CHANEL diamond watch.

Nirav Modi Jasmine Cascade Detachable Earrings & Necklace Inspired with Jasmine cut diamonds of various shapes .

Nirav Modi Jasmine Cascade Diamond Necklace.

Nirav Modi Jasmine Cascade Detachable Diamond Earrings.

Nirav Modi Electric Green ring with kornerupine and rose-cut white diamonds have been positioned to form a dome, with the full-cut diamonds placed table-side down to create a unique shape and texture.

Nirav Modi Electric Green ring.

Nirav Modi Emerald Waterfall Suite with bright green Colombian emeralds cascading with brilliant and Jasmine cut diamonds.

Nirav Modi  Emerald Carpet Bracelet with vivid green octagonal Colombian emeralds are laid on a bed of hundreds of natural seed pearls  with the emeralds and emerald-cut diamonds. Meticulously set to mirror intricate carpet embroidery.

De Beers Lotus Diamond Pendant.

De Beers Lotus Diamond Pendant.

De Beers Ring with rough diamonds alongside white and coloured diamonds.

De Beers rough diamonds.

De Beers rough diamonds.

De Beers 296 carat yellow rough diamond.

De Beers 296 carat yellow rough diamond.

Moussaieff’s Peacock Feather necklace with titanium, diamond and Paraiba tourmaline.

Moussaieff’s Peacock Feather necklace.

Moussaieff flower brooches with titanium-set petals unfolding in vivid blushes of ruby, chrysoberyl and yellow diamond.

Buccellati High Jewellery presentation.

Buccellati Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline.

Buccellati Drop-Shaped Pendant Earrings in pink gold, radially “rigato” engraved, centering a pink goldleaf-modeled bezel set with two 12.94cts kunzites.

Buccellati Honeycomb Cocktail Earrings in yellow gold with radial tulle workmanship, with white gold curls set with 5.38cts diamonds.

Buccellati Earrings in yellow gold.

Buccellati Earrings in white gold with sapphires.

Buccellati Bangle Bracelet In Yellow gold, “rigato” engraved, with side triangular rosettes and blue enamel, 262 round brilliant-cut diamonds 4,82ct.

Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewellery presentation.

Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewellery presentation.

Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewellery presentation.

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